The big bad scary virus pandemic.

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A Documentary About Covid-19, By Janet Ossebaard

Great video. Sadly, there are just way too many people and even some members here who will refuse to take the time to watch this video. Some will even call it a conspiracy job video. If they did not hear it from their bought off politicians and the lying media, well it has to be all lies and propaganda. And it is because of these trained seals we all must suffer because most of them are just to stupid to want to know or hear anything other than what the lying politicians and the lying media. They have been put into a state of panic and fear over a flu bug.

As it said in the video, there have been many viruses that have come around every year for decades now which we all normally know as the seasonal flu bug but for some strange reason this one is supposed to be the biggy of them all.

The video explains the many things about this plandemic exercise that just makes no sense at all. It's all one big hoax folks but do not say that to the fools who believe that if they dare go outside they will catch this big bad scary flu bug and they will die. If it were not for those ignorant and gullible fools out there, this plandemic exercise would have not gone anywhere. Sadly, my life is being ruined because of these no minds and thanks to them I cannot get a haircut now. It is not hard to see that I am surrounded by a bunch of Canadian loony tunes out there. F'n sad indeed.
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CBS busted staging a fake event using fake covid patients

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