Tomahawk chop to PC poppycock

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Tomahawk chop to PC poppycock

By Mike Strobel , Toronto Sun
First posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 05:20 PM EDT | Updated: Monday, April 10, 2017 08:54 PM EDT
A top liberal editor frets that Tomahawk cruise missiles might offend native Americans.
Which is true. If one lands on them.
Great gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts (no offense to gophers), thank goodness I’m retiring in a week. It may be spring, but there are too damn many snowflakes in the forecast.
Soon you won’t be able to say “boo” without taking flak for offending ghosts. But let’s get to those racist Tomahawks.
Regular readers know of my distaste for such obvious slurs as calling your team the Washington Redskins. We’ve screwed over our indigenous neighbours often enough, so why rub salt in those wounds?
But just a cotton-pickin’ Minuteman, if you’ll pardon the missile pun. There’s slur and there’s silly:
“That the missiles are callled (sic) tomahawks (sic) must enrage a lot of Native Americans,” Clara Jeffery tweeted on the weekend. She is editor-in-chief of the enthusiastically left-wing Mother Jones magazine/web site.
Apparently, she is also a loon, no offense to the bird, or at least that was Twitter’s verdict.
“Bison dung!” declared a Gulf War vet named Michael Liu, nicely summing up the mockery.
But is it truly a pile of buffalo chips? No doubt Ms. Jeffery was overcome by the effete elite’s blind hatred of Donald Trump, the dude who fired those Tomahawks at a Syrian air base last week. But perhaps she has a point.
H-bomb, for instance, has always stuck in my craw, quite naturally, being of Hungarian descent. My Hindu, Hebrew and Hawaiian friends feel the same way.
Canada’s military, of course, carefully applies political correctness when naming its equipment, though the Cougar armoured vehicle has certain connotations, especially when driven by virile young men. And I don’t know how the fervently pacifist Mr. Spock would feel about our 20mm Vulcan cannon.
We do use Chinook helicopters, which are named for the west coast Chinook people, not the wind, but we bought them from the Americans.
Ah, yes, those xenophobic Americans. Ms. Jeffery and other effete elitists must lose sleep over the arsenal of bigoted U.S. weapons.
If they’ll exit their trendy Jeep Cherokees for a minute, let me remind them of a few, such as Black Hawk and Apache helicopters. Both are revered, legendary, powerful and, well, you know, racist.
Other tribes similarly besmirched by the U.S. military include Iroquois, Kiowa and Seminole, but there are non-native victims, too.
Harpoon missiles surely offend members of Greenpeace. Do not mention plans for a self-propelled Crusader howitzer to your Muslim friends.
The U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane must offend somebody. Bossy Asian women? Disciples of St. George?
Osama bin Laden was codenamed Geronimo by the Navy Seals who killed him. Rightly, this ticked off Apaches who balked at comparisons of their legendary chief to a cowardly terrorist. They said they’d have been delighted if the raid itself had been codenamed Operation Geronimo, as opposed to Neptune Spear.
But how is Tomahawk missile a slur? Does editor Jeffery see it as “cultural misappropriation,” that buzzphrase of the preachy politically correct, whereby one culture steals from another?
That can be heinous, such as Habs fans swiping Ole Ole Ole from European soccer. But usually it seems a compliment.
I bet “cultural misappropriation” was the furthest thing from the minds of those Syrian baby-killers when the Tomahawks swooped in.
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HA!! I thought this thread was about the Military Generals told Trump when attacking Syria, they were going to launch 59 Tomahawks, and Trump replied; "can't we shoot missiles instead."