filling the bill for killing the poor - "make them kill each other".

I have wondered how individuals in the USA military are feeling.
They are "giving their lives" over issues that are not "greater than life itself", in fact it is looking more and more like they are willing to die for simple greed and power brokering.

Admitting you have been tricked is admitting a bit of a shortcoming to yourself, and having been stripped of ego['self'], these military people may not see it at all.

I feel sympathy for them.

from the link -

All veterans, past and present, must wake up to the harsh fact that even though we have served our country "HONORABLY and FAITHFULLY", the politicians , in Washington will not honor their oaths of office, and will not serve the people of this country honorably and faithfully. Many veterans are in denial...they want to believe that we did the right thing in Vietnam, and are doing the right thing in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When soldiers line up across the killing field, both sides will suffer great losses. It could be seen as a method of killing the poor.
To refuse to fight means getting shot right there in front of the others. Sometimes it means your family will be punished too.
These are the tactics of military.

Long before we line up for slaughter again, lets be absolutely certain that the politics are right. This is a duty of every soldier who is filling the bill for killing the poor - "make them kill each other".

The politics were not right for Vietnam, they were not right for Iraq - both were bogus wars with no good outcomes, many soldiers and civilians dead, and now Vets "who can" are speaking out against it all.

That is from the front lines where the view is clear, finally, if just for a moment:"We shoud not be here!!!"