If you want to get away from cable/satellite, invest in an old school antenna & a digital OTA (Over the Air) box. With a good antenna and depending on your location, you can easily tune 7-8 high quality HD channels which do not suffer from the compression seen with cable satellite.

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What I object to & cannot fathom is how its legal for them to charge us for the Knowledge Network, they don't pay a dime to the network for carrying it, let alone the PBS channels they don't pay for. And the endless hours of paid for tv advertising shows! They charge the advertiser a fee for broadcasting their advertising pitches and then turn around and charge us for that time too! Let alone that it also lets them off the hook for finding programming for many, many hours every week. BTW many Canadian basic channels are still required by law to be available with an antenna.

As for leaving the tv on, unless there's something worth watching, I watch good stuff on my notebook curled up in my recliner. "Ted Talks", documentaries and shows on "Miro", there's a lot of good stuff on the Net.

Does Shaw charge you extra for the knowledge network or is it bundled with their regular package (CBC, CTV etc)?