"Power Corrupts" "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"

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"Power corrupts"
"absolute power corrupts absolutely"


"Power corrupts" "absolute power corrupts absolutely"
Our family has been Persecuted for 14 years by the CANADIAN & FRENCH QUEBEC JUDICIAL SYSTEM & GOVERNMENTS ALONG WITH
because our parents sued the

Tsambasis family in fight of their life
The only thing Constantine Tsambasis is guilty of is being a born fighter. Afflicted by Polio as a young boy and going through several operations taught him to endure the future harshness that would eventually befall him. No one likes to play the victim but at this point in his life, Tsambasis has been dealt numerous blows that have tried his patience to the point of madness.

Anyone else would have gone off the deep end.

Fortunately Tsambasis, a Greek Canadian has his family of three daughters and lovely wife Christina who’ve always stood by his side. It’s for them that he rises early in the morning to work and has made sacrifices throughout his life. Costa and Christina have worked hard to keep their family unit together and strong. The results speak for themselves. The Tsambasis daughters are successful scholars and athletes that excel at everything they do whether it’s soccer, skiing, motorcycle riding, cheerleading, swimming or academics.

They’re the reason he fights so hard.
“I love my girls and my wife more than anything in the world. Without them I’d be nothing,”
said Tsambasis.

Now the forty four year old is involved in the fight of his life since the successful, tax paying businessman is currently in the process of getting deported back to Canada where he will probably face Murder charges along with fifteen years in jail for dog theft and grand theft auto. His life was turned into shambles by the fifth largest bank in the world: The Laurentian Bank Caisse Desjardins which also controls the Montreal Urban Community Police Departments pension fund. A deportation could mean the end for Constantine Tsambasis and his strong family unit. The Bank along with other elements including the local police and judicial system have been working in collusion to wreck their lives and it wouldn’t surprise Tsambasis if what awaits him once he reaches Canada leads to something tragic like his Murder at the hands of a corrupt Police Department, at best life in prison.

Tsambasis and his family had a great relationship with The Laurentian Bank for many years as customers and borrowers. That relationship deteriorated when The Laurentian Bank severely fumbled one of their loans which raised their original monthly payment for their newly acquired property by close to forty percent. It was an additional amount of money that they hadn’t agreed to pay and yet the bank was expecting the higher payment without a proper explanation. On January 27th of 1995, the Tsambasis’ sued and proceeded to beat the powerful Laurentian Bank. The bank’s shoddy work was ultimately found negligent by the superior courts.
They may have won the suit but ultimately it cost Mr. Tsambasis his sense of safety and peace of mind. The superior court justice Sylvianne Bornstein noted in her summary the following:

“The bank failed miserably in its duty to the client. The bank went out of its way to make sure not to respect its undertaking to the defendant. The bank was at fault and is not a creditor in good faith.”

That ruling didn’t help the Tsambasis family. It was one more blow that the already reeling family didn’t need. As if things weren’t bad enough, Constantine was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and C. The sickness already had him in his grip when he found out one day after another was spent by the head of the Tsambasis household in a feverish and painful haze. The mystery of the virus’ origin befuddled the family. The test for Hepatitis C had just been introduced to Canada in 1989. They surmised that Costa had obtained the virus through one of many operations he endured as a child because of his polio. Little did he know that things would deteriorate even further?
Even after such a one sided ruling in their favor, the Tsambasis’ were now being counter sued by The Laurentian Bank. It was a suit conjured up to unnerve the family. To psychologically torture them even further. Nothing can keep you up at night like being sued by a giant corporation like The Laurentian Bank. “Of course it was nerve racking.

"It’s like a David and Goliath type of situation. They have unlimited funds to buy anyone including our attorneys and access to many attorneys of their own,”
says Tsambasis.
“The power and tentacles of The Laurentian bank are far reaching and their ability to stomp on the little guy is frightening.”

The Laurentian bank is very influential in all facets of French-Canadian life. Especially in Québec. It was during the time of the lawsuits that strange encounters with the local police started happening on a frequent basis. Tsambasis was continually harassed and in some instances beaten to a bloody pulp. Even worse, it was done more than once in front of his wife and family. The humiliation he felt was the worst feeling he’d ever experienced. “To be beaten and subjected to verbal and racial hate crimes in front of the people you’re supposed to protect made me feel like less of a man. I felt worthless and helpless. I kept looking at the frightened faces of my little girls and it just made feel like a bad father that I couldn’t shield them from this,” remembers Tsambasis.
In April of 1995, just four months after they had filed the lawsuit against the Laurentian bank one of Tsambasis’ tenants, Claudia Sebalo, had one of her many loud and combative arguments with her boy friend Robert Chapman that was extremely disruptive. Costa had often called 911 to take care of the problem. This particular incident got physical between the two and they ended up busting a window in one of Costa’s units. Costa went outside to start cleaning up the mess when the cops showed up and started accusing Tsambasis of beating Miss Sebalo and doing damage to his own property. He denied the allegations stating that he was just cleaning up the mess and the fight was between Miss Sebalo and her boyfriend Robert Chapman and went back inside his house. The policeman at the scene, Christian Joli, (badge #3673) rang his doorbell and insisted that Tsambasis fix Sebalo’s window. Costa was being asked to take time away from his family and clean up a mess that he had nothing to do with. Costa fixed the window begrudgingly but it wasn’t good enough for the police. They came back and demanded he fix it better. Costa with his wife standing next to him made the comment in anger. “I’m not fixing anything. I’m not her janitor I could care less if she freezes to death.” That comment was twisted by officer Joli in court that Constantine started screaming at the top of his lungs four times that he is going to kill her Claudia Sebalo which no one else at the scene witnessed or heard even though they were in hearing distance six to eight feet away. They grabbed Mr. Tsambasis without proper explanation, dragged him out, beat him and threw him into their patrol car. His frightened daughters and wife were left alone to fend for themselves while the head of the family had just been publicly attacked and humiliated and charged with death threats and assault of a police officer. Tsambasis was charged with a death threat to his tenant even though Miss Sebalo claimed she heard nothing and that Constantine treated her better than any landlord she had ever had.
At the booking station, the harassment continued as the officers used unusual amounts of force and would also use racial slurs during their encounters when referring to Tsambasis. They repeatedly called him “a dirty f****** Greek” on more than one occasion. Although not excusable, the offense was not a big surprise to those that know the French Canadian culture of Québec. They are known for being intolerant of other ethnic groups and speakers of languages other than French. Their extreme positions have raised more than an eyebrow in the international community and within the country of Canada itself.
To say that their views are extreme is a huge understatement.
It was at this point that the suspicions started for Constantine Tsambasis that the bank had hired their henchmen to discredit him so he started tape recording all activity in his house and all his phone calls.
The worst aspect of the situation for the Tsambasis was that the very system that was supposed to protect his rights, the justice system never interceded on the Tsambasis’ behalf when it was obvious that they had been assaulted and framed. Instead the judges too were telling Mr. Tsambasis that he deserved what he was getting. Unfortunately, it was a common theme that would play out over and over. It was obvious that the justice system would never act on their behalf. They would go even further when allowed the opportunity.
Ironically, in August of 1995, Sebalo was charged with stabbing her boyfriend after she was caught red-handed with the weapon in hand by the police and Tsambasis himself as they kicked the apartment door open. She was arrested but eventually her charges were dropped. Tsambasis surmised that the leniency was due to the fact that the charges against him would no longer hold in court if she was convicted. “As soon as they found out it was her they let her off. The reason given was because she was an admitted alcoholic. Yet here they were coming after me with no evidence and no witness,” said Tsambasis. “She never charged me and never told the police I threatened her in any way. The police did. I never threatened to kill anybody. They wouldn’t even allow her to come forth as a witness for me or the prosecution. In every incident it’s always the cops saying I beat them up or I threatened someone. It’s all a fabrication.”
It became clear to Tsambasis that he was now fighting The Laurentian bank, the police, the judicial system and the intolerant culture that prevails in Quebec. Although proud of his Greek heritage, Tsambasis had attended French private schools and speaks the language fluently. It wasn’t enough. After the highly publicized case that appeared on many television stations throughout the Québec area, odd phone calls where being received. There would be hang ups and crazy messages left on their answering machine. Trash cans were being stolen and stares were more common than ever before.

“It was like a creepy movie. We were obviously being watched and we were getting more and more scared,” said Tsambasis. “What would they need my garbage for other than to get my DNA to frame me for a

This was not what Costa and Christina figured their life was going to be like when they first married. All the hard work they had put into saving their pennies through sacrifice seemed to have paid off at first but now they were dangerously heading into a downfall. For years Tsambasis and his wife had held multiple jobs at one time in order to put together enough money to invest in real estate. And now after one lousy mistake by The Laurentian Bank all the hard work was going down the tubes. “We worked up to eighteen hours a day to save money just so that we could enjoy a nice, normal life and it was all taken away from us with one dumb mistake by the bank,” said Tsambasis.
The odd encounters continued with The Laurentian Bank. After losing the lawsuits they would not allow the Tsambasis family to bank with them. They would refuse to let Mr. Tsambasis to pay his mortgages so they can intentionally send him in to receivership. They would go as far as calling the police to remove Constantine from the bank. This meant that even making payments on the rental property was not allowed and the bank would get control of the rentals and both buildings. This took all the control away from the Tsambasis family. The Laurentian bank assumed management of the property in such a way that they hoped to send the Tsambasis into bankruptcy.
In one of the most bizarre incidents, The Laurentian Bank was mean spirited enough to serve the Tsambasis family with court papers on the day before one of the holiest of high Holidays. It was Christmas Eve when the bank notified them that their house was being auctioned off for one fifth of the appraised value. And that they would still be liable for the balance of the mortgage left unpaid. It was a ploy to ruin the Tsambasis Christmas that worked. It was during this period of time that Costa started taking a new experimental drug for his liver disease. The drug had side effects that had Tsambasis reeling even more. The cold chills and fever were just part of the daily routine as was constant vomiting. “The stress was unbearable at this point,” said Christina who’s held strong throughout the years.
On October 20 of 1996, one of the most ridiculous actions taken by the police against Tsambasis came after an altercation with a neighbor’s dog which led to Tsambasis being arrested and charged for something out of a bad comedy: Theft of a dog. The incident all started when Constantine was coming back from the park with his two daughters Angela and Demi. A neighbor let her dog wander around the neighborhood unleashed. Seeing her dog wonder across the neighbor’s properties was a common and unwelcome sight. Sometimes the dog would growl menacingly even if a person tried to become friendly with what was actually an untrained and unfriendly little beast. Costa was out walking with his young daughters. He stopped to talk to a neighbor and walked away from his daughters for a few seconds. In the literal blink of an eye, the dog lunged at his young daughter Angela who was trying to pet him and scratched her. He would have done further damage but by this time Costa had reached the dog and pulled away the canine in order to prevent any further injuries. The family protector had done his job.
Feeling that the dog might cause more injury to others if let loose, Tsambasis took the dog and put it in his car with the intent of taking it to the dog pound. The Tsambasis’ called the police in order to get the city involved with the removal of the dangerous dog and have it tested for rabies. The police wouldn’t budge. Meanwhile the dog stayed in Costa’s car with the windows slightly opened. Tsambasis feared that the dog would damage his vehicles’ interior and didn’t want to keep the dog locked in over night. He got on the phone and called 911. The emergency operator was irritated and obnoxious and kept asking Costa the same questions over and over for fifteen minutes. The doorbell rang and Christina went to see who was there at the front of the door stood two cops who were there “to investigate” the situation. Outside were three squad cars. “I was still on the phone with 911 when Christina came back and said they only wanted to talk with me. I passed Christina the phone and proceeded to answer the door. As soon as I opened the door I was grabbed and told I was under arrest for dog theft, at no time did they ask me for the dog, I started to walk backwards into my house begging them to please ask the witnesses. In their reports and court testimony they claimed they were begging me to give them the dog back for five to six minutes and that I was calling them a bunch of f****** Frenchmen. That I was yelling for people to call the media. All sorts of untruths,” said Tsambasis. “In the tape that I recorded and the 911 tape I subpoenaed you can clearly hear them say you’re under arrest as soon as I opened the door, and you don’t hear me he yelling slurs at them or any of their fabricated statements for five to six minutes. I was saying please ask the witnesses.

"Why would I be on with 911 if I stole the dog?” Ultimately it was all turned on Tsambasis as he was dragged out of his own home and beaten again in front of his young daughters, his wife and even worse, in front of his 75 year old mother who was hysterical at this point.
With little respect for the elderly woman’s feelings, the police told Christina to “tell the “fu***** old Greek bag to shut up”. The racial slurs were nothing new to them at this point. They were hurtful and humiliating, but it was something that they would have to keep on enduring. Even the people on 911 got in on the act and referred to them as a bunch of Dirty F******* God damn Greeks. They told the women and the girls to quiet down but when the women refused to comply they were called all sorts of expletives. The police repeatedly referred to them as a bunch of “F****** Greek idiots”.

When Christina heard these statements she became enraged and complained loudly at the insults. It was at this time that the officers grabbed the young mother and slammed her into the patrol car leaving black and blue marks all over her jaw where she hit the top of the door. At the tumultuous scene were Constable Ed Krasowski (badge #4123), Constable Linda Bernaducci (badge #0099), Constable Pelltier (badge #2031), Constable Girardo Lodico (badge #0895), Constable Levesque (badge #1447), Constable Ramo Bocardi (badge #3969), and Constable France Dubois (badge #2719).
This time, the local police had managed to not only humiliate and ridicule the Tsambasis’ but ultimately they landed both parents in jail in an attempt to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t soon forget. The time spent at the jail was torturous. Costa was pepper sprayed behind bars and again the racial slurs flew from the officer’s mouths. His wife Christina was subjected to viewing the abuse since her cell happened to be directly in front of his. “This is not the kind of life I promised my wife before we got married. All we ever wanted to do was to work hard and prosper and here we were sitting in jail facing each other,” remembers Tsambasis. As if he hadn’t been humiliated enough, one of the officers spit on Costa who was at this point rendered defenseless. Tsambasis couldn’t believe that such a small incident could’ve turned into something so horrible. Here he was, a tax paying citizen who had brought positive things to his community and meanwhile real murderers, rapists and thieves were running loose. Tsambasis’ life had changed radically in a span of a few years.
The case went to trial and the judge dropped all charges against Christina. They were building their case on Constantine. This was biased testimony from so called law enforcement officers bent on hurting the family as much as possible. The trial was a mockery of the justice system as the police continually perjured themselves on the stand stating that Tsambasis was acting like a raving lunatic when in fact the tapes indicated otherwise. Even the judge said “I believe the police”. Even though plenty of tape from Tsambasis proved otherwise. Tsambasis subpoenaed the 911 recordings and they told the same story. This wasn’t good enough for the judge. “How could the judge not believe the 911 tapes? It was all in black and white. There was evidence of perjury and a racial hate crimes but he wasn’t swayed by the audio recordings,” Tsambasis noted. They threw the book at me. He was charged with assaulting an officer even though it was him that was getting the beating. The fix was in and the Tsambasis’ family knew it. It was Judicial corruption at its worst. “The judge himself said I deserved to be call a f****** Greek. What kind of fair shot did I have?” said Tsambasis.
Everything had started from one bad loan at The Laurentian Bank. A loan that the bank had botched up. The courts had ruled against them and losing to a family of Greeks in Quebec was something that was unacceptable for the separatist Laurentian Bank.

On September 1997, local police went around asking Costa’s neighbors to fill out and sign papers that they knew of alleged child abuse by Costa. Since there was no abuse to speak of, the neighbors refused and the police failed in their attempt to take the Tsambasis children from their parents. “God knows what would’ve happened to my girls if they’d taken them from me.

“The government was willing to solicit fake complaints which is a felony so they can take our children from us. They are willing to cause psychological, emotional and physical abuse on my children just so they can get to me”..

Thankfully my neighbors had a conscience and didn’t sign their papers instead came to us and told us about the police officers requests. We asked them if we can have them tell our lawyer about what the police asked them to do and if we can tape record the conversation with our attorney Larry Kanemy and they said yes. While I was listening on the other line I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. Larry was defending the police saying that it was because we probably have a Bouvier des Flanders dog with seven puppies that she had just given birth to and there might be poop in the back yard. My neighbors started worrying that they might have gotten into something over their heads, and boy were they right two weeks later they charged the man with sexual assault, and we knew it was fabricated because the time the police claim he was assaulting a policeman’s daughter there were twelve witnesses placing him on the top of his roof the whole day fixing his shingles so they had to drop the charges. They wanted to make it clear to everyone that if you try to help the GREEKS we will get you!”

A few days later Christina put in a call to the police to ask them to stop harassing their family. Before they knew it, several squad cars pulled up and went to the door with guns and shotguns drawn stating that they had gotten a call that Constantine Tsambasis was beating his wife and Mother.

His wife responded saying that no such call was made and she was merely asking them to leave their family alone. “I knew that if I went out that door I was dead,” said Tsambasis.
On November of 1997 Tsambasis went to downtown Montreal to pick up some tapes and look into a warrant. Christina went to get a coffee when Tsambasis was jumped in his own car by someone who later turned out to be an undercover cop. The man reached in trying to get the keys. At that moment the other door opened and a woman cop got in and also starts fighting him for the keys. They grabbed Tsambasis and threw him on the trunk of the car forcefully and hand-cuffed him. The worst part was seeing the police rough up his pregnant wife with a knee to her stomach without any regard for her and her child’s safety. They took Tsambasis to Jail. The cops were the usual menacing types that at one point told Tsambasis they were going to hang him and again used the term they had often used to refer to him: “A F****** dirty Greek”.

Tsambasis subpoenaed the Video tapes of the jail house incidents because they had planted evidence in his folder which the judge refused. “They’ve broken every law. The poor people through the power of subpoena have a chance. If we lose the power of subpoena then we stand no chance,”

said Tsambasis. “If you can’t subpoena witnesses or evidence then you’re done for.” Strangely enough his own lawyers refused to subpoena the video tapes also and threatened to quit representing him if he tried to subpoena them again.

Tsambasis was charged with the ridiculous notion of stealing his own car. The city claimed that they now owned it because Tsambasis owed a hundred dollar parking ticket. This led to a conviction of grand theft auto over five thousand dollars even though the car’s value was under three thousand dollars. “How can I steal my own car?” said Tsambasis. “I owned it. It doesn’t make any sense.”

The constant harassment was rough to take but they knew where it was all coming from.
It was easy for the Tsambasis family to make the link.
The Laurentian bank, the judicial system and the local police were on a campaign to terrorize the family away from their region and their home. In the end they succeeded. The Tsambasis had to flee from their community not being able to withstand the harassment and the awful treatment they were currently getting. To make matters worse. Their own lawyer Larry Kanemy was in on the set up he even called Christina to try to convince her to get Costa to stop recording his conversations with him and the police claiming this proved he had gone of the deep end and would hurt him in court, to which Christina replied that no one would care if they were being tape recorded by a crazy man, but they would care if they were framing him. The Tsambasis’ were astute enough to videotape Kanemy arranging for Tsambasis to end up back in the hands of the local police authorities telling him to wait for January 1998 and everything would be okay, it just so happened that that was the month the police showed up at his parents house and his in-laws restaurant looking for Costa to arrest him for the MURDER of a policeman. A move that could only lead to tragic consequences. Tsambasis made the decision that they should flee for his and his family’s safety. “I knew that if they got their hands on me I was a dead man,” says Costa. “I knew I would end up hanging from a rope somewhere in some cell where I didn’t belong. These cops were out to get me and I wasn’t about to let them.” “The Laurentian banks psychologists had stated in the psychological evaluation they did on my family that I was suicidal and would kill myself if I went to jail. I have never tried or threatened to commit suicide in my life. It goes against my Christian beliefs”.
“The Laurentian bank manager Daniel Turgeon had told me that if I don’t drop the lawsuit against the Laurentian bank that they would ruin my life, but I never expected this”.
Costa and his family picked up and fled for their safety after the birth of their third daughter Brittany. They came to the USA to claim political asylum and ended up in Atlanta, Georgia during the Christmas season of 1997 at a friend’s house. Between January and February of 1998 they went to the INS and were refused an application for political asylum. In February, Tsambasis learned through his father in law that he was being sought in connection with the murder of a policeman in Montreal. The authorities would not name the Policeman that was supposedly killed and a search of records for a policeman killed in Montreal between the start of the lawsuit with the Laurentian bank and December 17, 1997 which is when they left Canada turned out empty. Costa did the right thing and in June of 1998 turned himself in to the New Jersey City Police Department. The police department heard Costa’s story and decided not to proceed any further with what was obviously a politically motivated case. “The MUC police were not even willing to talk to them they ended up calling Interpol who intern called them back stating they did not want him.
For his family’s safety, a nerve racked Costa took his family to their current home located in the outskirts of the booming town known as Temecula, California. The Tsambasis family found a way to succeed in all facets of their life. Costa and Christina worked day and night to launch a successful jewelry business along with other ventures that included everything from sports collectibles to the sale of statuary all over the country.
The past came back to haunt them as the Lake Elsinore Sheriff's Department showed up at Tsambasis’ door in August of 2004 and questioned him regarding the murder of a policeman in Montreal. After a short talk with Tsambasis and Christina, the Sheriff’s department decided to not continue pursuing the subject since they too figured something indeed was fishy. If Tsambasis was legitimately wanted for murder why the Montreal Police wouldn’t pursue his extradition for such a serious crime? “They spoke to my wife and asked her if I was capable of killing someone and she said he’s not capable of killing a fly let alone a cop,” remembers Tsambasis.
Their girls, Angela, Demi and Brittney are successful and at this point have been fully acculturated into the American way of life. It would be a shame to see three talented young kids who excel at every thing they do taken back to Canada where at this point of their lives their burgeoning intellectual development would be interrupted. “My girls have done nothing to anyone. Why should they suffer because of somebody else’s mistakes and corruption?” said Tsambasis.
The conspiracy between The Laurentian bank, the police and the Judicial system haunts him to this day and Tsambasis is trying to get a square deal. The evidence is plentiful and obvious. “It unequivocally points to a conspiracy between these three forces,” said Tsambasis.
All of this information can be verified by going to the Tsambasis’ website where we have compiled evidence to support all the claims. There are documents along with video and audio files which refer to the previously mentioned court cases where these claims can be easily corroborated.
All that we ask is that you be objective in you approach.

We’re sure you’ll find the case unbelievable and the corruption by the justice system disgusting, infuriating and disturbing. Once you look at the evidence and see the Tsambasis’ side, you’ll agree that a miscarriage of justice was perpetrated in a manner that will shake your faith in the authorities to its very core.

"absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Ultimately, all that we ask is that you help us save the Tsambasis family.
For more information please contact:
Constantine Tsambasis at
1-951-253-3694 Home
1-951-757-4610 Cell
1-888-433-4266 Office

Skype ID: gefxm.com
Email: Costa@gefxm.com

Odd, I don't usually buy these sort of posts, but being an escapee of the Quebecois regimes, I can totally buy this.

Good luck!!!
What do you mean if we allow the banks to take over, the bankers own everything, watch the feeding frenzy in the coming months as every working class person gets squeezed to sarvation and snuffed en masse to feed and protect the rich.
sorry about your family but you're not alone in misery
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbeaver View Post

What do you mean if we allow the banks to take over, the bankers own everything, watch the feeding frenzy in the coming months as every working class person gets squeezed to sarvation and snuffed en masse to feed and protect the rich.
sorry about your family but you're not alone in misery

So DB...When the financial apocalypse happens, will you use your financial independence to help those that need it?
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbeaver View Post

What do you mean if we allow the banks to take over, the bankers own everything,

That's why I own bank stock; great dividends and capital growth.
lone wolf
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

That's why I own bank stock; great dividends and capital growth.

You really think they're going to share with someone who doesn't have the ring? They'll just call it revenge....
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You really think they're going to share with someone who doesn't have the ring? They'll just call it revenge....

The they you're referring to are the shareholders, in other words me and all the other shareholders..
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

That's why I own bank stock; great dividends and capital growth.

Capital growth, Bank Stock! You are a brave man Walter. You don't live in a high rise do you?
I'v been told that Jesus is absolutely powerful, if that's true, he must also be absolutely corrupt. Where have our christians gone?
lone wolf
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

The they you're referring to are the shareholders, in other words me and all the other shareholders..

No ... the "they" I'm referring to are the CEO's, partners, upper management and the bondholders. Shareholder is just the long way to spell "sucker"