College girls banned from whistling at builders



A further education college is having to protect builders from wolf-whistling girls, in a reversal of traditional gender stereotypes.

Officials at West Kent College in Tonbridge, Kent, sent an email to all pupils warning that the behaviour was "totally unacceptable", and saying any students caught harassing contractors would face disciplinary action.

The email was sent after a demolition team started work on a 94 million, three-year building project at the campus.

The email read: "It has come to the attention of the college that some female students have been making comments to, or whistling at, the builders both whilst on site and as they walk around the campus. Although we are sure no offence is meant, this constitutes harassment and is wholly unacceptable."

"We have asked the contractors' representative to pass on all instances of harassment to the college and we will take appropriate action which may include disciplinary action."

A spokeswoman for the contractors, Galliford Try, said: "We have no registered complaints on this issue. However we do not condone inappropriate behaviour from any parties on our sites."

Meanwhile new laws could see wolf-whistling builders placed on the sex offenders register. The Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill will create a new offence of "communicating indecently", punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

The legislation is intended to punish sexual harassment by text, emails and letters, but ministers also aim to include sexually explicit comments to strangers. It is expected that the law would only apply to persistent offenders.

At the moment, workmen who repeatedly make obscene comments to passers-by can be convicted of a breach of the peace.

Ok first off..... Damn Pig Headed Women.... all they think about is sex.... sheish...

Secondly in response to the above in Bold/Red: WTF? Up to 10 years for shouting something like "Hey Baby, want some fires with that shake?!"

How many years does and armed robber get on average?
What a bunch of nonsense....
Hmmm... sounds like a bit of sensational journalism. First of all, maximum sentence for indecent communications... yeah, I can see that. Do you not know any women who have been harassed on-line? I know one who had graphic harassment sent to her, complete with pictures of violent sexual acts. Harassment can get pretty severe and terrifying, without yet falling into other criminal categories. There have also been cases of men making comments WAY beyond childish fast food remarks, that deserve some attention from the courts. But, just because there's a MAXIMUM sentence for such things, doesn't mean a wolf-whistle from a construction worker could ever conceivably earn the max... that's a bit of hyperbole on the part of the author to try to make it look ludicrous.

As for the girls on campus... it sounds like they were making the contractors uncomfortable (do you have any idea how many times they must have smashed their thumbs when a whistling collegiate caught their eye? It's a safety hazard!), and were given a warning. Seems pretty straight forward.

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