Schreiber's 8-year battle against extradition continues Thursday

CBC News
The businessman who triggered a public inquiry into corruption allegations against Brian Mulroney has an extradition hearing Thursday, the latest in his complex eight-year battle to stay in Canada.
Karlheinz Schreiber, 73, is wanted in Germany on charges of tax evasion, bribery and fraud.
He will remain in a Toronto jail while his lawyers argue before the Ontario Court of Appeal Thursday morning that Schreiber wouldn't get a fair trial in Germany and would die behind bars.
During a telephone interview with CBC News from the Toronto West Detention Centre, Schreiber explained why he thinks the federal justice minister should use his power to step in.
"I would tell him it is time to do the right thing and return fundamental justice to his department," Schreiber said.
"It is unbelievable what these people are doing. If they do the right thing, there is no way I'd be extradited. The whole thing would be over."
Federal opposition MPs pushed Wednesday for the government to stop trying to extradite the star witness for the looming public inquiry.
Schreiber was first arrested by the RCMP in 1999 after Germany sought to have him returned to the country to face trial.
Since then, prominent criminal lawyer Edward Greenspan has fought for him to stay in Canada using a series of complex court motions, which included an unsuccessful constitutional challenge of the extradition law.
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Should Schreiber be allowed to remain in Canada until a public inquiry into corruption allegations against Brian Mulroney is concluded?

How timely!

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