HMS Daring, world's most advanced warship, to be launched.

On 1st February, the Royal Navy's first Type 45 destroyer will be lauched. The Type 45 destroyer will be the world's most advanced warship, and will be larger than the current Type 42 destroyer which it is replacing.

The others will be called HMS Dauntless, HMS Diamond, HMS Dragon, HMS Defender and HMS Duncan. There are two others, but I can't find the names.

25 Jan 2006

HMS Daring, the first of the Royal Navy’s new Type 45 class of anti air warfare destroyers, will be launched on 1 February 2006 at 14:25 from the BAE Systems shipyard at Scotstoun, on the Clyde. The Lady Sponsor will be her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex.

The launch is expected to be a very well attended event with 11,000 tickets already issued. The tickets have been issued to BAE Systems staff, members of the public and around 1,500 school children.

The Type 45 programme will provide the Royal Navy with a versatile destroyer capable of contributing to worldwide maritime and joint operations for much of the first half of this century. As well as providing a specialist air warfare capability, they will also afford the fleet a general-purpose multi-role platform capable of performing tasks from peace support and defence diplomacy through to high-intensity warfare.

Further information on the Type 45 launch can be found at
The Gunslinger
This brings joy to my heart. I mean, for the Cold War it was basiclly turned into an American anti-submarine arm.
muffin girl
Doesnt Norway have a similar ship already in use I'm sure i saw it on Discovery
The Gunslinger

Doesnt Norway have a similar ship already in use I'm sure i saw it on Discovery

I think most of the Scandinavian nations have designs under way. As well as France, America and possibly Japan and Italy as well.
beautiful vessel though the names are kinda useless. Similar to the old dreadnought names but not as awe-inspiring. Dauntless, Dreadnought, Indefatigable, Iron Duke were much better choices and rekindle the love of the dreadnought, the most powerful ship in the world for a time
Looks like a nice ship. =-D
I still think our Halifax Class (City class) frigates are some of the best in the world. I was on the HMCS Toronto just after it was launched
I do not see a smoke stack so I guess it may get a pass from Kyoto nutters.
Some more facts and figures of the world's most advanced warships in the world's second-most powerful navy -

They are equipped with Sampson rader - the world's most advanced radar.

Sampson radar.

Displacement: c. 7,350 tonnes (deep delivery), c. 5800 tonnes (light delivery)

Length: 152.4m

Max Beam: 21.2m

Speed: 27 knots+, 18 Knots (Cruise)

Range: 7000 nautical miles at 18 knots

Complement: approx. 190, space for 235, providing significantly better accommodation standards than before

Equipment selected includes:

The Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS), with the BAE SYSTEMS SAMPSON Multi-Functional Radar (MFR) (for surveillance and fire control) and the Signaal/Marconi S1850M Long Range Radar (LRR) for air/surface search.

SYLVER launcher and combination of up to 48 Aster15 and Aster30 missiles.

Other weapons systems include: STINGRAY Torpedoes - helicopter-launched; 4.5" Mk 8 Medium Calibre Gun system; Surface Ship Torpedo Defence system.

Helicopter: 1 Westland Lynx HMA 3/8 or 1 Merlin EH101 HAS 1

The Type 45 class will be the largest and most powerful air defence destroyers ever operated by the Royal Navy and the largest general purpose surface warships (excluding aircraft carriers and amphibious ships) to join the fleet since World War Two cruisers. The projected deep load displacement of the Type 45, at around 7,200 tonnes, will also exceed that of any other general purpose surface combatant, again excluding aircraft carriers and amphibious ships, built for the Royal Navy since the Tiger class cruisers of the 1941 programme.

When the Type 45 enters service later this decade it will provide the fleet with an air defence capability that is several orders of magnitude greater than that provided by the existing force of Type 42 destroyers.

The main armament of the class will be the sophisticated and lethal Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS), which is being developed and procured jointly with France and Italy. PAAMS will equip the Type 45 to defend itself and other ships in company from attack by existing and future anti-ship missiles of all types. The Type 45 will also be able to operate close inshore and use PAAMS to give air cover to British Forces engaged in the land battle. The system is designed to defend against supersonic, stealthy, highly manoeuvrable missiles that could use sea-skimming or steep-diving flight profiles approaching in salvoes, simultaneously from several directions.

PAAMS is capable of controlling several missiles in the air at any one time, each one of which could engage individual targets, preventing attackers from swamping the fleet's air defences. MOD oversight of the three-nation PAAMS project is provided by Type 45 Anti Air Warfare Destroyer project team members working at the joint PAAMS Project Office in Paris, from where the programme is administered.

The Type 45 will succeed the Royal Navy's long-serving Type 42 destroyers, which were designed in the 1960s and came into service between the mid 1970s and mid 1980s. The Type 42's main armament is the powerful Seadart area defence missile system, which has served the Royal Navy well on operations from the Falklands conflict to the Gulf War, but which now needs replacement. DPA Type 45 AAW Destroyer project team leader Brigadier Keith Prentice said: "Seadart was designed in the 1960s to defend ships against aircraft, though it has been modified to deal successfully with newer threats. "A new type of system is needed and PAAMS is a fresh design with the prime role of defending ships against salvo attacks by the potent anti-ship missiles that we expect to come into service in the coming decades. "The Type 45 is effectively a couple of generations ahead of the Type 42. The Sampson radar, the associated command and control system, long-range radar, vertical launch system and the very fast and agile Aster missiles combine to create a system several orders of magnitude more powerful and effective than Seadart."

A Type 45 being built -


Looks like a nice ship. =-D
I still think our Halifax Class (City class) frigates are some of the best in the world. I was on the HMCS Toronto just after it was launched

You can't compare the Halifax Class and Type 45 Class to eachother. The Halifax are a general purpose frigate while the Type 45 is a Command and Control Air Defence Destroyer. The Halifax are actually very under-gunned compared to their counterparts in the U.S. and U.K. As a surface combat vessel, having only 8 harpoons limits your ability to take on multiple threats, while the Mk48 Sea Sparrows have a pitifully short range when comapred to SAM Mk 2 employed by the U.S. Navy on their Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates. The 57mm Bofors gun is pretty much useless on a modern frigate, only being able to engage targets up to 17km, that being well withing anti-ship missile range. The chances of a Halifax closing to gun range before an enemy vessel hits it with an ASM are next to nil. One advantage the Halifax DOES have however is it's speed. On work-up trials, HMCS Ottawa reached a top crusing speed of 33.4 knots, well above the cited 29 knots top speed for the Class. The Halifax Class aren't BAD vessels by any stretch of the imagination, however they have been built up by Government rhetoric. There are better warships out there in the Class, some older than the Halifax.

That all said, perhaps our Government should be looking at the Type 45 as a replacement for our near rust-out Iroquois Class. The Iroquois fill the same role in the Canadian Navy has the Type 45 will in the Royal Navy, but at a greatly reduced capability. If our Government was smart, they'd talk to London about getting the manufacturing rights for 3 or 4 Type 45's. That'd give our fleets increased air defence and better intergration with our allies. But that's just my 3 1/2 cents.