RAF personnel warned not to wear uniforms in public after 'attempted abduction'

Police 'hope they have the DNA of attackers who tried to bundle an RAF man into a car at knifepoint after he BATTERED one of them so badly he was left covered in their blood'

  • Serviceman was threatened with a knife outside RAF Marham in Norfolk
  • Two suspects are on the run after fleeing the scene in Ford Galaxy
  • Police would not comment on whether the incident was terror related
  • Personnel have been told not to wear uniforms after 'attempted abduction'


British airman attacked by knife-wielding assailants at RAF base 'in possible ISIS attack' | Daily Mail Online

le nice comment from another site:

In 70 years the UK has gone from "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the streets and in the hills, and we shall never surrender, we will defend our island whatever the cost may be"

To "don't upset the sh!tskin invaders we've allowed in because of soft liberal social justice warrior cultural marxism" by wearing your fukking military uniform.

Great. Fukking. Job.

The only hope is that it all collapses and the weak are killed off.
As so often when Islamists commit a crime, the police refuse to say that they are Muslims or "Syrian refugees." Norfolk Plod just said they are looking for two "men of Middle Eastern origin."

Two knifemen, described as ‘of Middle Eastern appearance’, attempt to abduct a serviceman outside RAF Marham in Norfolk. Police immediately issue a statement saying that there is nothing to suggest the incident is ‘terrorism-related’.

So that’s all right, then.

Perhaps the suspects were members of the local Lawrence of Arabia Appreciation Society. Or a couple of luvvies dressed as Wilson, Keppel and Betty on their way to Stephen Fry’s summer fancy dress party. Officers from Norfolk CID are anxious to interview anyone seen performing a sand dance in the vicinity.

I suppose it could always have been a last day at school dare by students at a nearby sixth-form college. Typically, these end-of-term high jinks involve stealing a policeman’s helmet or a traffic cone and sticking it on top of an equestrian statue in the market square.

Maybe this year they decided to up the ante and behead a squaddie, so they could impale his head on a pole outside the Corn Exchange and post the pictures on their Facebook account.

What larks.

Read more: Who did try to knife RAF man? Alan Partridge? RICHARD LITTLEJOHN asks why police are increasingly trying to hide the identity of perpetrators of crime | Daily Mail Online


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