Magnetic block heater cord

Hey everybody

My design partner and I are two university students from Saskatoon working independently. We've created a utility technology that we call the MagnoPlug that’s received overwhelmingly positive reviews from news media and our supporters. The current version is a block-heater adapter that clicks together magnetically, is safe to use and ensures that you’ll never damage your block-heater cord by backing out of your driveway. We made it much smaller in size and more esthetically pleasing than our original design as well as added a flap. Check out our project page or find us on Facebook, and if your curious about my singing ability check out this song I wrote on Youtube :
Thanks for your support!
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I'll take 4
glad you like it. You can pre-order them from the

Sorry, but we're not going to allow links to there. This is a forum, not Kijiji.

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