UN: 2013 extreme weather due to human-induced climate change warming the Earth

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I was just about convinced that it was time to construct a large arc-style snowmobile... As it turns out, when the time came to collect 2 of every animal on earth, a really good hockey game was on and, well, it kinda fell off the radar from that point

Not thirty seconds ago that same arc crossed my mind. I think it's feasible only if I forget the animals, they all got fur anyway, and exclude all but big money passengers. Provisions for a hundred thousand years will be tricky, we may have to go without engines. Fok it, easier to just freeze.
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These koolaid-swigging extreme-vortex-overheating-man bad-melting-storm watch-extreme-climate scientist-AGW-extreme expert extremists will go to their extreme graves before ever, ever admitting theirs was an extreme view that was extremely off the mark due to the extremeness of their extreme egos.

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UN: 2013 extreme weather due to human-induced climate change warming the Earth

GENEVA - The head of the U.N. weather agency said Monday that recent extreme weather patterns are "consistent" with human-induced climate change, citing key events that wreaked havoc in Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Pacific region last year.

Michel Jarraud, secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization, said his agency's annual assessment of the global climate shows how dramatically people and lands everywhere felt the impacts of extreme weather such as droughts, heat waves, floods and tropical cyclones.

"Many of the extreme events of 2013 were consistent with what we would expect as a result of human-induced climate change," he said.

The U.N. agency called 2013 the sixth-warmest year on record. Thirteen of the 14 warmest years have occurred in the 21st century.

A rise in sea levels is leading to increasing damage from storm surges and coastal flooding, as demonstrated by Typhoon Haiyan, Jarraud said. The typhoon in November killed at least 6,100 people and caused $13 billion in damage to the Philippines and Vietnam.

Australia, meanwhile, had its hottest year on record and parts of central Asia and central Africa also notched record highs.

Jarraud drew special attention to studies and climate modeling examining Australia's recent heat waves, saying the high temperatures there would have been virtually impossible without the emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the burning of coal, oil and gas.

He cited other costly weather disasters such as $22 billion damage from central European flooding in June, $10 billion in damage from Typhoon Fitow in China and Japan, and a $10 billion drought in much of China.

Only a few places were cooler than normal. Among them was the central U.S.

Jarraud also cited frigid polar air in parts of Europe and the southeast U.S., and the widest tornado ever observed over rural areas of central Oklahoma, as being among extreme weather events.

There were 41 billion-dollar weather disasters in the world last year, the second highest number behind only 2010, according to insurance firm Aon Benfield, which tracks global disasters.

Jarraud spoke as top climate scientists and representatives from about 100 governments with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change met in Japan to complete their latest report on global warming's impact.

UN: 2013 extreme weather due to human-induced climate change warming the Earth

Of course, the fact that weather changes are not unusually harsh at all is never mentioned by these liars........