Prince William has incorporated his mother's family logo in his new Order of the Garter crest.

William was recently made only the 1000th member of the world's oldest order of chivalry, founded by King Edward III in 1348.

The Black Prince, Edward III's son, was the first Knight of the Garter.

William’s Diana tribute on crest

23rd July 2008
The Sun

Prince William was recently made only the 1000th Knight of the Garter

PRINCE William’s Knight of the Garter crest has been revealed – with a touching tribute to his mother Princess Diana.

Wills asked for the Royal ceremonial symbol to incorporate her family logo – the first time this has happened.

Both William, 26, and brother Harry, 23, requested a scallop shell on their crests and Coat of Arms in her memory.

Other Knights of the Garter marched down Castle Hill during Prince William's inauguration

The scallop is the symbol of the Spencer Coat of Arms, which is for Diana’s family.

Wills’ crest – a gold lion with the red shell on it standing on a crown – will be mounted above his seat at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Tradition ... Prince William's crest

The second-in-line to the throne was last month installed as a Knight of the Garter – the world’s oldest surviving order of chivalry – in front of the Queen.

The crest was made by sculptor Ian Brennan, from Warsash, Hampshire, out of lime wood and gold.

King Edward III made his son, the Black Prince, the first Knight of the Garter in the 14th Century

He said: “Prince William’s crest has a bit of his mother’s family crest which he requested.”