That's one dam fine beaver: England's first beaver dam since 1526

Beavers became extinct in England in 1526, but attempts to re-introduce them into the wild are proving successful.

Here's one that built a dam in Ottery St Mary, Devon....

That's one dam fine beaver

Busy beaver ... creature at work in Devon

12th June 2008
The Sun

THIS clever fella has built the first beaver dam in England for 500 YEARS.

He and his mate – brought in from Europe last year – may even have babies.

Wonderwall ... beavers’ dam

Conservationist John-Michael Kennaway said: “The male feeds alone away from the lodge, but the female stays close to home.

“This suggests she has babies but we won’t know for sure until at least late July when they’d be ready to come out.”

The dam, made with mud, bark and twigs, is 2½ft high and spans six feet across the River Tale on John’s Escot Estate in Ottery St Mary, Devon.

He said: “They’re gentle creatures and very intelligent.”

A few other beavers now exist in England but are on lakes and have not built dams. They became extinct in England in 1526.
And in about 20 more years, we will have the stories of how farmers are struggling to kill them off again.

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