LILLEY: Prof gets a fail for 'party of the uneducated' tweet

LILLEY: Prof gets a fail for 'party of the uneducated' tweet
Brian Lilley
July 8, 2019
July 8, 2019 8:23 PM EDT
Professor Amir Attaran, of the University of Ottawa, is pictured on June 14, 2019. (Jean Levac, Postmedia News)
I’m not sure that he could have sounded more elitist and condescending if he tried.
Amir Attaran, an activist, lawyer and professor at the University of Ottawa, took to Twitter and called the Conservatives, “the party of the uneducated.”
Not surprisingly, plenty of people took offence at his remark. He was called smug, arrogant and worse and then the good professor went about proving his critics that they were right.
When Toronto Sun Editor-in-Chief Mark Towhey said that Attaran believes he’s “superior to hard-working Canadians,” the pompous fool couldn’t help himself.
“No, I’m certainly not superior,” Attaran replied to Towhey.
“But I am willing to put my finger on a fact most are scared to admit: That statistically the least educated vote Conservative. Which is why Conservative governments offer numbskull policy, like buck a beer. Do you deny it?”
Hmmm, says he not superior but then says the least educated vote Conservative for their “numbskul policy.”
Na, that’s not elitist and condescending!
And what’s wrong with buck a beer anyway?
First off, government shouldn’t be regulating artificially higher prices on any product.
Secondly, not everyone makes a cushy publicly-funded salary. The Sunshine list, which requires all agencies receiving provincial money to publicly post the names and salaries of those earning at least $100,000 a year, shows that Attaran makes more than $184,000 annually.
Although, I know plenty of people without degrees that make that kind of dough.
What sparked Attaran’s original comment was a data point from a recent poll by Abacus that shows the Conservatives have a lead among those with just a high school diploma and the Liberals lead among people with post-graduate degrees.
Strange thing is when it comes to people with college diplomas or undergraduate degrees, the Conservatives and Liberals are pretty close. The Liberals have the support of 35% of those with an undergrad degree, the Conservatives 31%. Among those with a college diploma, 31% back the Liberals and 33% the Conservatives.
I’d say those people are educated and they are just as likely to vote Conservative as Liberal making Attaran’s analysis deeply flawed.
What really seems to bug Attaran are those “numbskulls” that only have a high school diploma because 37% of those voters back the Conservatives compared to just 25% of the “uneducated” backing the Liberals.
It’s as if Attaran is saying, “Why can’t the dummies vote like me and all the smarty pants?”
Radio host Evan Solomon interviewed Attaran on air Monday afternoon and asked him if he would apologize for his remarks.
“Oh goodness no,” said Attaran, “of course not.”
He then went on and on about all these “poorly educated” people voting Conservative.
“I think that’s dangerous for the country,” Attaran said.
Well I was wrong, he tried and he did sound more elitist and condescending.
My late father was one of those “uneducated” people that Attaran is sneering at.
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He finished high school, took an apprenticeship and became a boilermaker. That “uneducated” man was part the crews that built power plants across North America, built and refitted steelworks and manufacturing plants.
My stepfather is one of those lowly college graduates that also lean towards the Conservatives. He helped write the computer code to run a major steel mill and taught the next generation of coders.
There are stories like that across the country in family after family. People who do the work to keep this country running and pay the taxes to keep Attaran in his ivory tower.
I’d invite Professor Attaran to come down out of his tower and meet some of these folks, but I get the sense he wouldn’t like them.
Unfortunately for Attaran the "educated" that vote "Liberal" these days also tend to be well programmed moral and emotional relativists.
He is also making the classic mistake of confusing smarts (education) with intelligence. Having a degree in Post Modern Art hardly makes one knowledgeable when it comes to politics.

And let's face it, when it comes to "numb skull policy", Team Groper has been hitting new lows for 4 years.
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I just looked at his Twitter...
What a donkey lol.

Guys we know an election is coming and we know that the stereotype of conservatives is going to pushed on us because the liberals got nothing else. And when they don't get the traction from the conservative angle they will resort to blaming me for everything, the straight white male
I just seen the numbers buddy is quoting.

If he was going to call it the way it is then he would have used the NDP who have the stats to prove what he is saying, not the cons

Not like there is any bias here lol
That guy sounds like a lot of Liberals in this forum.....Pompous Know-it-all!
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnnny View Post

Not like there is any bias here lol

Bi A$$, you mean. heh, Maybe even BUY A$$.
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by DaSleeper View Post

That guy sounds like a lot of Liberals in this forum.....Pompous Know-it-all!

Thank God you're on patrol!!
" Thank God you're on patrol!!"

That's funny.....coming from a closet Liberal!
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by DaSleeper View Post

" Thank God you're on patrol!!"

That's funny.....coming from a closet Liberal!

Sorry. I hate the bastards. You just have a simpleton political outlook.

Nice try though, troll.

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