’Swastika Trail’ stands: Court won’t interfere with Ontario township vote

’Swastika Trail’ stands: Court won’t interfere with Ontario township vote
Canadian Press
June 21, 2019
June 21, 2019 3:22 PM EDT
A sign is seen for "Swastika Trail" in Puslinch Township in this November 2017 handout photo. A street in southern Ontario will retain the name "Swastika Trail" after Puslinch Township council voted 4-1 against changing the privately owned street name during a meeting on Wednesday evening.Jennifer Horton / THE CANADIAN PRESS
An Ontario township was within its rights to maintain the name of a street called Swastika Trail, despite the passionate objections of some residents, Divisional Court has ruled.
In its decision, the panel found no reason to interfere with Puslinch council’s votes against changing the name of the private road.
“Council’s decision was evidently disappointing to the applicants and likely does not accord with the beliefs of many Canadians,” Divisional Court said in its ruling. “(But) there is no basis for finding that council’s decisions were unlawful.”
Swastika Trail, near Puslinch Lake in central southwestern Ontario, was named in the 1920s. The road is owned by a private corporation controlled by Paul Wyszynski, one of the 54 residents who live on it. However, the trail runs into a municipal road and is used as a public thoroughfare.
In response to several complaints about the name, the township asked staff in June 2017 to report on a possible change. Staff recommended a change with the consent of residents on the road but Wyszynski opposed any change.
Council did pass a resolution to “encourage” the Bayview Cottagers Association — comprising 82 members, 54 with homes on Swastika trail — to consider a renaming but a majority of the organization voted to keep it.
After hearing from several delegations at a heated meeting in December 2017, council voted 4-1 against any name change.
Two residents, Randy Guzar and William Knetsch, sought a judicial review of the township’s actions. They and others in the area argue the swastika is a symbol that has “represented hatred, white supremacy and anti-Semitism” since the Second World War.
Guzar, who has lived on the road for the past 18 years, said he associates the swastika with the bigotry and genocide of the Nazis.
“He does not want to be linked with the symbol, and he says that when he presents his driver’s licence or health card, he is routinely asked if he is a white supremacist or a neo-Nazi,” court said in its decision.
Among other things, Guzar objected to how the cottagers association held its vote, including distributing a pamphlet about the positive history of the swastika before the Nazis used it.
Legally, he and Knetsch argued council had illegally based its decision on what the association wanted. The township argued it made its own decision. Divisional Court sided with the township.
“There is no doubt that, to many people in Canada in the 21st century, the swastika is an abhorrent symbol, reminiscent of the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis,” the court said. “However, the discrete issue raised on this application is whether council for the Township of Puslinch acted lawfully when it voted not to change the name of the road.”
On that point, the court said, the record clearly shows council did not simply defer to the cottagers association but considered various options before deciding as it did.
In the war era, the city of Berlin, Ont., changed to the existing Kitchener, while the community of Swastika in northern Ontario changed to Winston. However, residents of Swastika, named in about 1908, objected and the original name was kept.

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The people who gassed my grandma's people wore this sign while they did it.

I hate the sign but I don't get mad when I seen it or see its written name used to name places.
Banning the sign and name won't bring my grandma's family back and it won't heal my families sounds that live in our memory. It's time to move on and quit trivializing this shit because I laugh at these shit stories.

I grew up listening to stories about the Warsaw uprising and my Grandmas Brother in the Devils Brigade. Kids 50yrs from now will be hearing how their ancestors changed street and town names.

Get real
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The swastika has been in use for at least 3 thousand years. If we're going to let 12 years of assholes permanently destroy the symbolism of the swastika, well then we better be ready to boot Volkswagon, Porsche and Hugo Boss products from the Canadian economy.
Not that I disagree, but what about genocidal leaders of civil wars?

Do we sanction them or boycot? Do we "ban" their symbols too?

Or like china ( far HIGHER death rate then hitler ) who killed a hundred million of their own - PLUS the single child policy - do we just let them in to launder all their money from the stolen lunches and fentanyl sales and buy up all the best real estate like the psychologically projecting nazi liebarrels just have? Like many Germans have since the great wars?

Geez, oddly enough, even the FBI knew Hitler had escaped to South America to retire and also David Rockefeller gave the eulogy at Mao's funeral.
( in china where the king of global warming, Maurice Strong retired to)

Also not to forget the US and western idolization of genocidal uncle Joe either ( the Bolsheviks were sponsored trained and implanted by ZIONIST bankers (jacob Schiff for one) who BTW, ordered the hit on the Czar and family, not unlike they are pushing the ZIONIST driven (look em up) militant illegal aliens crossing the US and Canadian borders are doing today.).

The crisis at the southern border is no accident. It’s the intentional result of deliberate efforts by liberal activists to encourage illegal immigration on a massive scale.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said that DHS is treating the situation as a “Cat 5 hurricane disaster.”
Even Barack Obama’s right-hand man on immigration recently labeled the situation as a crisis.

We are also experiencing an epidemic of “asylum” claims because most of the illegal immigrants now arriving at the border have been coached to recite specific statements that trigger automatic asylum hearings

EDITORIAL: Feds' migrant border bill $1 billion and growing

Another issue is cost. Federal, provincial and local taxpayers are on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars to process these claims, provide housing and other support for claimants who spend many months waiting to learn whether they’ll be accepted, rejected or deported.

Like most topics of contention these days, this is all a stupid scam.

Oh, those interest payments...

We all know what symbol should be banned...but hey...THEIR Secret police are watching.
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