Workplace Safety Board makes no apologies for controversial campaign

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A controversial occupational safety campaign will relaunch in January after a brief pause in December, the chairman of the Workplace Safety and Information Board of Ontario said Thursday.
The advertisements feature cautionary graphic tales, including a young woman working in a kitchen who slips on spilled grease while carrying a large pot full of hot liquid. A second ad involves a construction worker who is killed while wearing a faulty harness.
WSIB chairman Steven Mahoney said response to the commercials has been largely positive, with viewers flocking to YouTube to see the ads. He also said the commercials have been viewed about 70,000 times through the WSIB's website. He says the WSIB makes no apologies for the graphic nature of the campaign, saying the ads are purposely controversial to spur reaction and awareness.
"The critics amount to about 25 per cent rating, and I'm delighted they're upset about the ads because I wouldn't want anyone to enjoy watching them," he said.
WSIB Ontario advertisments
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Are these commerecials to graphic?

I haven't seen any of the new ones, and I can't view them at the moment, but if they're anything like the previous ones I've seen, I have no issues with them.... real life isn't sugar coated, and when it comes to understanding your and your company's roles in safety and protection of your well being and life, then showing examples of common accidents and injuries is a good way of sending it home to people who work in those types of jobs.

For someone who has worked the same job for 20 some odd years, it's sometimes good to be reminded that accidents can and do happen when you least expect it.

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