Caravan To Midnight : John B Wells - Bill Majcher ( Part Two)

"The bad guys have all the money and no rules, the good guys have all the rules and no money."

You won't want to miss this show - tonight we welcome Bill Majcher. Bill is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector with almost 35 years of professional and operational experience. Early in his career he left the high paying world of a Euro-Bond trader in London, to pursue a more adventurous life that saw him working covertly for over two decades conducting drug and money laundering transactions with all manner of criminals and terrorists alike. Bill today has used his experience and is the Founder of EMIDR Limited, a Hong Kong based Asset Recovery firm that specializes in working with governments to track down and locate billions of dollars that are stolen due to government corruption and malfeasance.


Money Laundering Detailed by Expert Inspector Bill Majcher on The Hagmann Report 6/23/17

The Official Hagmann Report
Published on Jun 23, 2017
Professional Kleptocracy rules the world. Money laundering is poorly understood, often muddled by armchair experts with no real-world experience. Inspector Bill Majcher is not only an expert, he' a legend, working some of the largest real world cases in history.

There you have it. For those who really want to know WTF is actually going on re gobalism and Canada and the US, Bill Majcher of the RCMP names 'em and tells it like it is.
If you watch this it is the whole globalism Commie, nazi, fascist, pedo, cult writ out large in plain english and laid out like a downhill jelly "rholl".

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