Two brothers being charged with terrorism tell their story today in court.

They said that their [third] brother was thrown in the ocean and drowned when he refused to be involved after recruiters visited their home.

Their mother didn't know if they would stand a better chance at survival by refusing the recruiters or by joining.

So we can see that this is not an easy or simple question of refusing to be a terrorist. What would I do if "recruited"? I would try to survive of course. And if I could escape, run away, that would be better than joining.

Perhaps they have my family in their sights, telling me they would kill my family if I ran away. So I join up, doing the best job I can so I will not be tossed away dead along the way. I want to be valuable to them.

I get caught on a pre-mission tour of a targetted site for my terrorist act, and am put in jail, caught by Americans who had my photo from the files they seized from my recruiters back home.
The media puts my face on TV and people hate me. I never wanted to fight, I just wanted to live. I never diod anything, yet.

When I get out, my recrutiers find me and strap a backpack on me. If I try to take it off, it explodes. I go where they tell me to. Security forces - Americans - approach me.

I don't have a detonator, someone else has it and presses the button just as the gaurds get close to me. There are lots of people around, and they all get hit by the flying metal spikes in the bomb on my back. My head pops straight up about 25 feet in the air. I can see far around me, and then it goes black.

I really didn't have much of a choice. If you want to stop this, you have to find out who is behind the recruiters and ask them what it will take to stop doing this. As usual, the people on both sides are not willing participants. What a wonderfull world it would be if "the people" could decide the way things are done.

Meanwhile all we can do is try to minimise it all by keeping the military actions and the rhetoric down to a minumum. Bush is doing the opposite, and the recrutiers are doubling their efforts. My one remaining living brother is still alive, him and mother are left alone now since I was killed. We did our duty I guess.

For many in Iraq, it is also a call to soveriegnty to go and fight the occupiers, now that the American corporations are operating within Iraq, pumping out the oil...

Mohammad Ali had only to go to prison when he refused to fight in Vietnam after being drafted. Americans are not in the same boat at all although recrutiers are trying some strong tactics lately.