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"I am a 49-year-old mother with a Masters in Education and I just got gassed by my own government. We were peaceful. I think I stood in the middle of the gas for longer than I should have because I just couldn’t comprehend that the smoke in the air and those canisters rolling on the ground toward my feet were tear gas. My government wouldn’t take away my right to protest. My government would NOT attack a group of moms…I was wrong."

Mothers, not ANTIFA, not rioters, not regular protesters, Mothers from the community came together and built, arms linked into each other, a human shield to protect the peaceful protesters from Trump's secret police. They were not spared from the attacks.

Did she happen to get her degree online from Calcutta? One has to wonder how someone that educated would think it a good idea to attend a protest that had all the potential to devolve into a riot. How unaware does one have to be when they have every reason to believe - as the past days had shown - that tear gas may indeed be dispersed and yes, standing in it too long really is bad for your health. Sheesh.

Sorry Cliffy, but stories like this cut little water with me............not after over 71 one days of protest. This isn't about BLM, or the Feds or the police anymore this is about protest for the sake of protest and George Soros is banking it all the way.

You notice how the 'protests' have kind of taken a back seat to the coverage of Beirut these days. Bet the MSM were overjoyed that they had a valid reason to drop most of the coverage.
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Ah isn't that cute.........another celeb long past their due date hoping to get some attention.
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Now this is funny, Cliffy. Thanks for the laugh and the share.
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Bill Maher Delivers a Fake Eulogy for Trump, and It’s as Mean as You’d Expect (Video)

“Real Time” host mocks the fact that POTUS never gets invited to prominent funerals

Like a lot of people have been doing lately, on Friday Bill Maher took a minute to make fun of the fact that none of the prominent, greatly respected American politicians who died in recent years wanted Donald Trump at their funerals. And to really drive the point home, Maher offered up a preview of the kind of eulogy someone like Trump might expect if it were given by one of the great many people who can’t stand him.
The US is the freest country in the world. Hong Kong, too funny.
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The US is the freest country in the world. Hong Kong, too funny.

RTSS response to facts. Yup, the US of aggression is free where citizens are free to have the shit kicked out of them for standing up for equality, fairness, police brutality, wanting free health care and education like most advanced societies on the planet. You are free to die if you don't like the way things are run.
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Legalized weed had almost nothing to do with Trudeau and the Liberals victory. The majority of people who buy weed are young people, and voter turnout for people under 30 is always low.

Uh huh................LOL

Liberals Won Majority Thanks To Young Voters, Poll Suggests

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