Ask me for advice

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Ask for advice concerning your personal troubles : emotional and social problem.. I am to answer you according to God's good pleasure: the advice will be derived from the Quran.

Ask me about the Quran : if you have any misunderstanding or something mysterious to you or any objection about the Quran and the Islam: God's religion.

Ask me whether you are Jew, Christian, Muslim or others.. my answer will be derived from the Quran and its interpretation by the interpreter of the Quran and the Bible Mohamed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly.. the monotheist, the devoted to God alone without associate or peer or son.

But don't mock, ridicule or revile.. Don't blaspheme against God, Prophet Mohammed or the Quran.. for such silly questions or comments will be neglected.
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Ask for advice

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In the name of God: Most Gracious, Most Merciful ; we start with this first advice:

Let your aim be the reward of the Next Life, but don't forget about your livelihood in the present World.

Quran 28: 77, which means:
(Seek, with [the wealth] that God has given you, the abode of the Next Life, but neglect not your portion of the World,
and be kind, [to people, with your wealth] even as God has been Kind to you,
and seek not to do corruption in the land [by committing the disobedience of God];
[for] God loves not the doers of corruption.

See more explanation here:
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Abu Abd Allah said a known poetry :
How wonderful when the two are gathered for man: the good fortune in this World and the prosperity in the Next Life;
For it is not good the success in the life of the World without the success in the Next Life.

Here is also about the prosperity in the Next Life is better than the life of the World:
Quran 87: 17, which means:
(The Next Life is better and more enduring [than this life of the World.])
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Be with God, God will be with you
Don't be to the opposite side, or you will lose.

Whatever is for God, will grow :
If one makes his work for God's sake alone, not sharing others with God in his work, God will multiply his reward and will bless the outcome of his striving.
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Put trust in God Most Gracious :

In all affairs, man should put trust in God, and then God will grant him success to his good work and good purpose.

Quran 65: 2-3, which means:
(2. .. And whosoever wards off [the punishment of] God m , He will appoint for him a way out [of every distress and difficulty.]

3. And He will provide for him from where he never anticipates n .

And whosoever relies on God o , He will help [and support] him. )
.................................................. ...........................

2 m So that he should not contradict God’s commands.

3 n i.e. from where he does not imagine, and does not expect.

3 o Concerning what God prescribes to him, and he does not listen to the words of those who forbid him.

Comment :
If one fears God so as to avoid His punishment by avoiding the sins and the disobedience of God.. then God Most Gracious will uphold him and get him out of every difficulty or problem. Moreover, God will also provide for him provision which he does not expect and from where he is not aware.

In addition, if one relies on God and put trust in God, He will be his Patron to protect and guard him and letting him achieve every good work and purpose.
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Never despair of God's grace
Because despairing of God's rescue and of His grace and of His answering your prayer.. it indicates a feeble belief and weak faith.
God is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful, Most Gracious, All-Mighty, All-Seeing, All-Hearing.. and to Him, nothing is difficult.
For this reason, the despairing of God's mercy and God's grace is considered one of major sins.
So that it is only the disbeliever and blasphemer that despairs of God' mercy and grace.
In this aya, God - be glorified - mentioned what Prophet Jacob told his sons: to go to Egypt and seek about their brother Joseph, and not to despair of God's mercy.. he had a strong trust and confidence that God would bring back his son to him:
Quran 12: 87, which means:
([Then Jacob said:] "Go, my sons, [to Egypt] and make inquiries about Joseph and his brother [Benjamin].
Do not despair of God's comforting mercy
; for none despair of God's comforting mercy excepting disbelieving people."
.................................................. ...........................................
a It means: Donít despair of the rest and comfort which God decrees for you by Joseph. He pointed out, by that, to the dream which Joseph had seen in his childhood, and Jacob promised him with good outcome by his saying:
([Your Lord will] fulfill His grace to you, [Joseph, with prophecy and sovereignty], and to the men of Jacob's house [i.e. to your brothers, their sons and their women, by giving them more wealth, and by increasing their seed and making them righteous.])
b The meaning: Search about Joseph, because the blessings will come to you by his hand.
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Don't lose hope of God's mercy

This is explained in the Quran by the story of Abraham with his guest the three angels:

Quran 15: 53-56, which mean:
(53. The [angels] said [to Abraham]: "Fear not; we give you the glad tidings of a son [Isaac, born by your wife Sarah] who [will be] given a great knowledge."

54. [Abraham] said: "Will you give me the glad tidings when I have attained my age of elderly? What can it be then your glad tidings?"

55. They said: "We are giving you the true glad tidings a ; so don't be of those who despair."

56. [Abraham] said: "And who despairs of the mercy of his Lord, excepting those that are astray [from the way of the truth?]" b)
.................................................. .............................

55 a And we are not telling you any lie.

56 b So his wife Sarah bore Isaac.

The interpretation by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly
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Don't die unless being a Muslim submitting yourself to God alone :

Quran 3: 102, which means:
(Believers, ward off [the disobedience of] God with complete warding off,
and die not unless 'submitting yourselves and complying [to God's commands.']

See more interpretation by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly
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