Looking for Climate Change Info?

Having a hard time looking for information and the most current observations on such things as El Nino, La Nina, the Gulf Stream current, abrupt climate change, global warming and other topics like this? Then, here is a good place to visit: http://www.climatereport.netfirms.com/ Itís a little site I put together, really amateurish attempt at website building, but I just felt compelled one day to put something together for myself and anybody else who wants to dig as deep as possible on these topics.

Most links on this site are to government or scientific organisations and some links are to news stories. I hope some of you find this useful and that you may understand my passion on the subject of climate change, enjoy!

Links to Ozone Maps, to temperatures anywhere, lots of good stuff dude!!

Some ads to keep it going is understandable, and shows you have done some footwork, and are passionate about this project.

If I could say one negative thing , it is a bit dark and the headlines are kinda small...but I tried to develop a webpage once, and WOW you have done a great job buddy. Its fully usefull.
hint for users - "control +" will make the type larger!! [oh, you knew that, sorry].

The one message that is not clearly spelled out at a lot of sites on global warming is this:
"Fossil Fuels are the cause of global warming and the way we burn them and the amount we burn must change if we are to reverse the destructive trends of global warming. "
- Its just not being said plainly enough often enough. I hope you agree and will promote this simple message. "Corporate culture" has stopped most scientists and politicians from saying that.

Thanks again for 'saving the world' -
Thanks for your comments Karlin.

and the headlines are kinda small

Mrs Mulder has told me this a few times, I guess I should try and change that!


"Fossil Fuels are the cause of global warming and the way we burn them and the amount we burn must change if we are to reverse the destructive trends of global warming. "

I wouldn't say this entirely true, check out the Astronomical Theory of Climate Change at http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/milankovitch.html and we are still comming out of the last ice age, so the planet is warming on its' own anyways. But thanks to humans and CO2 we are speeding up this process greatly and to our own peril!

Hi dude, I just had to add this link, because it has links itself to ALL the stories and articles written about the "Mass Extinction Underway" topic.

I would urge you not to get sucked into complacency about global warming due to reports from government sources like NOAA that use natural trends in temperature changes to say "its not just the fossil fuels".

It will be the amount of warming added by our fossil fuels use that will be the tipping point.

The slow changes of natural warming trends are survivable thru adaptation. Adaptation cannot occur in human-induced warming, since it happens to fast, as it clearly is now happening too fast, due to fossil fuels burning.

So, I stand by the assertion that it IS fossil fuels and nothing else we need to reduce our use of or talk about.
"Reduce fossil fuels burning now or destroy life as we know it."

Sweet and simple, but nobody is saying it on the media yet.

How unfortunate - we will go to the grave of our own making, taking the innocent and all the other species with us, and never mention the real cause, the only cause, on major media.

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