For Coronavirus, don't give paracetamol

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For patients with Coronavirus having fever, don't give them paracetamol and other antipyretics unless their temperature rises to 39-40 degrees Centigrade.

This is my opinion; it is logical and worth of trial.

Why this almost is true:
The body tries to overcome the virus by increasing the body temperature.
The virus may be killed and overcome by heat and the high body temperature.
The body will then sweat and may get rid of the virus via the sweat (and other ways of excretion.)

The risk of the very high temperature, but not of mild fever:
Of course, high pyrexia is a killer of the patient, but mild fever may be beneficial for the body.

So let the feverish Coronavirus patient be watched, or let him watch himself if he is intelligent, and when his temperature reaches 39-40 degrees centigrade, he then may be given the antipyretic, not before that.

Give the patient ample amounts of fluids, especially hot drinks, like tea and hot milk, to enhance his sweating.

My personal experience about any influenza fever:

In the past years, when I had influenza many many times; sometimes, I felt my body cold so I would warm myself, and I would not take antipyretics like paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ponstan (mefenamic acid).. so I keep forbearing the fever, and then I will have sweating and the influenza weakens (the body starts to get rid of the viruses) and I keep warming myself and sweating will happen .. then cough will occur then when this cough becomes productive (sputum will come out, which is another way of getting rid of the virus), I feel better and I know that I have become cured almost.. but here I am still infectious to others .. so I keep away from others for few days until I am healthy once again by God's grace and blessing.

This is the words of Prophet Abraham - salam to him - as God told us about them in the Quran:
Quran 26: 80, which means:
("And when I am sick, He heals me." f)
.................................................. .............................

80 f It means: God prepares for me the means of cure.
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Truly, I took ponstan 500 mg tablet, but not at the start, only later on when the fever would have exhausted my body, and then I would feel better and the sweating would issue.
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This is for any influenza and influenza-like .. moreover, once I feel some even mild sore throat, I immediately drink hot drinks like the hot tea, and warm myself by wearing more clothes.. and I feel the sore throat disappear..

this is not for now; I am healthy now; and by God's favor, and praise and gratitude is due to God, I have not any influenza or influenza-like illness since about one year ago maybe.. but I say this generally for any sore throat that I may feel at any time.

In addition, till now I don't drink cold water or cold drinks, until later on in summer maybe .. so now only warm water and warm food and drink, and I am still wearing some winter clothes not the summer clothes as many people are doing.
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China honored their medical staff :

China government has honored their medical staff for their strenuous work against the Coronavirus, but they in fact, have to thank God Most Gracious when He alleviated for them some of the severity of this disease..

Had God willed He could have terminated them all on account of their atheism, ingratitude, their wrong-doing and persecuting the millions of Muslims in China.
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If the patient with Coronavirus is given the paracetamol or ibuprofen when he has mild fever : when his fever is only 37.5 degrees centigrade, this may keep the body cold and may enhance the persisting of the virus dormant inside the body.

While letting the patient have the moderate fever (less than 39 degrees centigrade) may promote the expelling of the virus by the body via the sweat, urine and other excreta [and later on by the sputum]...

on condition of giving the patient ample amounts of fluids and hot drinks.
also don't take advice from islamist Heretics.
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I may be Islamist, true; but not heretic.
I follow the Quran, and its interpretation.
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also don't take advice from islamist Heretics.

That's why you were the only one on this thread.. Everyone else just ignores the fukk
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So either you follow the Zionist's advice or follow my advice.. it is up to you.
Either you follow Moses or follow Koran, either follow the word of God or the suggestion of Satan.

People may know Satan from his work: the porn and the ungodliness it is to the side of Satan.
While uprightness and righteousness and following the Quran which is the word of God: it is the way to God.

I don't say: follow the example of some corrupt Muslims, but follow the Islam: God's religion which is cited in the Quran.

While the Zionist: is the agent of Satan, and the enemy of either of Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed.

How I can know and distinguish the Zionist: he is cursive, he loves porn and against God absolutely.
Well lets see. Muslims fukk goats and little boys. Zionists pray a lot. Which would you chose?
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Well lets see. Muslims fukk goats and little boys. Zionists pray a lot. Which would you chose?

COVID-19 is destroyed Iran, and the Islamic world, like a disease handed down by God as a wrath on the wicked and evil.
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COVID-19 has Islamophobia and performing Jihad on the Muslim people
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Well lets see. Muslims fukk goats and little boys. Zionists pray a lot. Which would you chose?

Pray a lot? More than Satan worship? he worshiped God for thousands of years then disobeyed God, so he lost.

Balaam son of Beor worshiped God for 1000 months which equals about 80 years, then he disobeyed and disbelieved, so his worship was in vain, and he lost.

So it is not how much man worships, but his worship should be in the correct way: consecrated to God alone without associate or peer or patron.

This in fact is the central part of every prophet call: the First Commandment which is the same: No god but God alone without associate.

[When there had been much dispute between Jews and Muslims, concerning the 'Quibla' or the direction of prayer, this aya 2: 177 was revealed, which means:]

( Righteousness is not that you turn your faces towards East or West; but righteousness is that

>> one should believe in God [alone], and the Last Day, and the angels, and the Scripture, and the prophets [he should believe in all the prophets, and should not deny anyone of themlike Jews who denied Jesus and Mohammed, and like Christians who denied Mohammed],

>> and that he should give money for [God's] love to [the poor] kinsmen, to orphans, the needy, the way-farer, and to those who ask, and in the ransom [of captives and slaves];

>> and that he should be steadfast in prayer, and give the Zakat [alms];

>> and those who fulfill their covenants which they have made;

>> and those who are firm and patient during poverty and illness and at the time of violence.

Such are the truthful [when they said: "We believe"];
such indeed are those who ward off [the Fire.])

More explanation is in the link:
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My gawd is better than your gawd.Mostly because mine is real and yours is just a figment of your imagination.
Keep ourselves sanitized and continue to do handwashing.
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My gawd is better than your gawd.Mostly because mine is real and yours is just a figment of your imagination.

There is only One God: the Lord of all nations and worlds. In Hebrew He is called Yahweh, in Arabic: Allah, in English: God, in Red Indian language: He is the Great Spirit. The Creator is One God .. others apart from Him are false.

So if you are truthful, tell us who is your god: is He Satan? because if you keep mysterious almost you are Satanist.
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Keep ourselves sanitized and continue to do handwashing.

This is extremely important.
Summary of what I said in many threads and posts here :

1- Avoid the enthusiasm about Jesus Christ, and about Imam Ali and even about Prophet Mohammed and his companions.
2- Let your glorification be for God alone, and pray Him alone.
3- Pray God to protect you and your family and all true monotheists and believers.
4- Avoid the crowded places and crowded celebrations.
5- To stay home for most of the time is very good, and go out only for necessary affairs.
6- Give alms to the poor and needy and help the weak as much as you can, so God may avert every mishap from you.
7- Defend the faith and God's religion: the 'exclusive devotion to God alone.'
================================================== =============================

8- Wear the required mask (and gloves) as it is available; if not, you can substitute it with your hand-made similar things.
9- "Keep yourselves sanitized and continue to do handwashing", as you said.
================================================== =============================

10- Drink the honey of the bee, at least one tablespoonful every day, if possible.. it may benefit the prophylaxis and prevention of such diseases.
11- If you have some symptoms and you suspect about yourself, then take more honey of the bee.
12- For the patient admitted to hospital or kept to stay at home.. the honey of the bee is very useful (should be given every hour) as:
>> a source of energy,
>> a good nutrient,
>> including some antibodies in the form of Immunoglobulin A, such antibodies present in the breast milk of the mother, in the saliva and other external secretions of the body.
>> It includes a lot of vitamins and minerals and other substances that may be unknown to us.

13- Don't rush to give the paracetamol (or Panadol) to the patient unless his temperature reaches 39-40 degrees Centigrade, but keep giving him the required fluids and continue watching his temperature.
================================================== ================================

14- Let sunlight reach the rooms of the house, the office and the hospital; it has an antiseptic effect.

So at first and last .. all the affair belongs to God Almighty and Most Gracious.
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There is only One God

Bullshit. There are thousands and they are all real to those whose imaginations accept them.
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Bullshit. There are thousands and they are all real to those whose imaginations accept them.

It seems that this whole pandemic has shown us what some think is the true God.

It's money.
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Quote: Originally Posted by AnnaE View Post

Bullshit. There are thousands and they are all real to those whose imaginations accept them.

The thousands of gods, other than God Almighty and Creator, are the falsehood: either man-made statues or stars of the sky or human beings, etc.

Prophet Joseph said to his prison inmates, as in the Quran 12: 39-40, which mean:
(39. "O my two companions in prison, which is better: many differing lords [of stone, silver and copper which neither harm nor profit, or is God: the One, the Omnipotent?"

40. "You worship none, apart from [God], other than mere names which you and your fathers have named, concerning which God has not revealed any authority.

The decision [about the worship] is up to God [alone]. He has commanded [in the heavenly books] that you should worship none other than Him [alone].

That is the religion of [Prophet Jacob] the guardian [on his sons and his people], but most of people do not know [the truth.]"

More explanation by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly:
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The Honey of the Bee for the Coronavirus

I here advise people to use the honey of the bee for prophylaxis and treatment in addition to other measures of course.. no objection to using medical drugs if approved.
In all circumstances the honey of the bee is useful and not harmful.

See also the post # 17 above.
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