OGC unveils new logo to red faces

It cost £14,000 to create, but clearly no-one at the smart London design outfit that came up with the new logo for HM Treasury thought to turn it on its side.

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lol... that's awesome.
A stealth Viagra ad perhaps....?
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“They’re going to get more column inches than they could ever have expected before. If I were them, I would be pretty pleased.”

Pretty Pleased??!!

Three damn letters smooshed together, made grey and rotated 90 degrees..... for £14,000??

WTF were they smoking? No... scratch that.... WTF were they snorting!!?? (Someone Stoned would have made something a bit more creative) I would have fired someone's ass over this piece of crap! This is a thing I do for an actual job and professionally speaking, someone just got hosed for a piece of crap logo some high school kid could have made up in 5 mins.

I would have paid at the very most, $50 for that thing..... not a damn penny more... and that's being exceptionally generous.

That's just absolutely insulting.

Uhm....they didn't rotate it 90 degrees.

The 90 degrees part is the funny bit, ie, Look at what its a picture of when its rotated 90 degrees...
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regardless if it looks like a stickman with rickets, jerking off.... if someone gave that to me and planned on charging me £14,000 for it, I'd toss them out the third floor window with their stupid crappy logo, land feet first and screw up their own legs and then they can jerk off to their logo in the hospital as their bent up legs healed back up..... and just maybe they'll catch onto the irony.

The Price overall is what get's my goat.
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I don't know. I was once a graphic designer and it seems to me this little logo has produced ten thousand times more publicity than the paltry £14,000 could normally generate.

It's a great design.

“It is true that it caused a few titters among some staff when viewed on its side, but on consideration we concluded that the effect was generic to the particular combination of the letters OGC - and it is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend.

I think it was quite probably done intentionally.
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