7 Ways to Save the World (Seven Ways To Save The World)

The other thing is that people do not advertise about the solar panels and there isn't a lot of stores selling them.

An awkard section from the globe and mail facts
If anyone thinks boys do not care and have a style is obviously wrong. If it is so, why do we hang out with certain people and ignore others? It's a popular style thing and to say male do not want style is just weird. Also, it's not only how the bulb looks. The incadesent light bulb do not save you money or energy and is one of the sources to pollutants of the CO2.
If you think it is not big enough, try to come up with a new idea involving using as least amount of energy, releasing less products made during production, and getting the idea to one of the most successful and major companies. After this, try getting everyone to realize the moral behind the world balance and go through all of the government explaining and convincing the whole world to do something!

It's a small protion just like the freshwater, but it do a lot for us!
It is something I do not want to get into because it is a hard topic, but now I get most of the stuff and I can explain it to people.

Most basic questions ever
Would you like to eat food and gain few carbs? Would you like to eat products like boring flour and bread everyday? Without food, what would you do?

A very simple answer
If you do not dare, I'll guess. Extra fat is bad for average people. Boring flour like products will make people gag. With other food, we will feel happy. It's a stats from nutrient videos like "supersize me". Even Mcdonalds included Apple Slices with caramel dip. Without food is simply awful. We still need food and too much meat or too much of anything is awful. So is true in too little of something. Gene foods are food that give only one type and loses much of the nutrients. If gene-modified food are used, please include the food's original nutrients and vitamines and the extra vitamine and mineral in it. A lot of Africa diseases are caused by the food lacking and water lacking.

Problematic farming and Cities
I think it is because we build our cities near topsoil and we throw topsoil out that there is so few foods with great soil. Other problem is lack of farming encouragement and lots of holes to our perfectionist city. We like cities and creates a world isolated from nature, but nature is connected to us. Animals visiting cities nowadays are racoons, rats, foxes, and any small to intermediate animals. Some wolves are seen in the rare nights with reports of cougars. This proves even if we do want complete isolation, we can never be completely isolated from nature.

This isolation of nature give a sterotype of the modern world as concrete buildings. That concrete building is the only way most people know how to be safe and happy. I have another method that will keep soil, top quality food so please read below message

Solution: Oh my rulers of the universes!
When constructing buildings, take the "dirt and rocks" to the farmers instead of throwing it out. Believe it or not, dirt and unwanted rocks are the perfect soil type. I got this information from a chemistry book from Robert L.Bates on the Industrial uses of Rock and Minerals and from my Gr. 11 textbook Biology 11. Encouraging companies may be giving certain money for the donation of these dirt and rocks and selling them to farmers at a more cheaper price.

For farmers in areas in california, just take some of the manure, composts (dead animals, fruits, vegetables, and plants) above the rocks with the minerals. You might have to dig a bit deeper to earth for the compost and manure to be secure. Wait for a certain amount of time, and let the compost and manure have the nutrients together. Then grow the seeds on top of the perfect farmland. That way, it will be a lot better.

If you are the type that like to see green and grey colours together (Industry and environment) or a civilized world, you can make the green parts partial parts of farmland and set a special area especially for the farmers. To set the special area without laws is to give cheaper prices for land selling to farmers. Always give them support and support composting programs across the globe at a cheaper rate.

Farmland Handbook
I know certain soil and rocks are for certain people. If I ever had the time, I would give a report of specific rock and specific soil type.

Here's how to do it:

1. gather all the information about the rock, mineral quality, and other plants of the certain geographical location and record down the facts into a table.
2. Look at the combination and get a summary. For example, North American soil is best for corn because it have what components of rock underneath, and what type of plants around it to help it be better.
3. Draw a gigantic map and label the map using a legend to create a handbook of world soils and the ultamite farmland guide.

With the handbook, the use of pesticide and its posion will be used less and less! Mine companies can also use the handbook to predict where the minerals will be located by just looking at the plants nearby! I'll get the handbook started in August if no one is doing it.

Mushrooms and Medicine
Grow mushrooms on industrial waste sites and wet areas. When the mushroom is grown, take out the mushroom. I'll get the picture of a pulled-out mushroom a.k.a fungus from the web to show you later. The soil will be a lot better and people can use the soil to farm. plus, the mushroom that grow quicker may be the base to cure a disease just like how penicillin works! Yup.
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Insulations for the roof and walls.

Wind developments:
Better go wireless with the kite. I'm guessing a machine that generate electricity bound to the kite and the energy is then transferred to the certain station. People are able to control the flying kite and thus creating an inter-space station like power for most of the stable weather and still have minimal impact on environment.

For the wind, it's almost perfect. A lot of people say it wouldn't affect major birds. Well, if you set the windmill away from the major air currents, it will be fine. A very awkward question to answer. People can use water pumps like they did in Holland to make new things if possible.
Bang head on desk two times. The whole point of being efficient is so that you do not have to scrub or use expensive methods to clean up the environment. In the future, there will only be a little bit of scrubbing with a lot of efficient ways.

More about cars, vans, mini-vans, compacts, trucks, 4-by-4s, all-terrain
Will, Ethanol and Disel isn't really that green. Sure, it reduces the CO2, but in contrast, the vehicle do not go as fast as it should. It will take about 1.30L of ethanol to equal to 1 L of regular oil.

Restricting the price isn't that grand. If we restrict the price of gasoline to be cheaper, then the marketers would not come because well, how will they make money? If we restrict the price of gasoline to be cheaper and still let them come, there is only two way: tax or the government pays for them. Consider there is tons of people who drive cars, and consider if we tax, then no one will buy cars to save this world. That means more doom for future generations. It's a triple lost if we do restrict price of gasoline.

The best choice is to really buy cars that save you gas and build them. I think the fewer fuel consumption and higher the horsepower is the more efficient of the vehicles.

Reason for California's farmers
The mineral is not deep within the earth's crust and is widespread. Digging a little will let the mineral to provide a richer soil. It's from a Industry Mineral book by Robert L. Bates. Saving this part may be one of the ways to perserve topsoil and as well as provide food so that we do not have to eat a lot and still be strong. With reduction of dinner time, people can do more. If you like the long dinners, then it is best to talk more and eat slowly.

High praise to General Electric Co. for 10/10 in "green is green" as in start.
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General Electric Co.

Siemens, finally!

biodegradable plastics

free home estimates and general information about the home and its energy. Going there may give you big bucks!

Water and solar wind wheel

Tips in home about money saving and people saving

Find an energy contractor

energy source guides

solar energy contractor

general information about contarcting

American energy site

PS contracting

search for a contractor

Insotec en Francais et in English!

Alternative energy contractors by L.A.

says it in the web address.
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Yay! It posted. Now, for the things that I was to post before I got the interenet connection down by a certain someone.

"Patch-up" Oxygen
Do the following ways as O2 decays to 2 Os.

O stands for oxygen Cl for chlorine. For full symbol, check the online periodic table.
Way 1
-blast O2 using air pump into ozone hole and send bolts of electricity to the atmosphere (this have to maintaned daily or each time when O2 falls)

Way 2
-electrify O2 to O3 and immediately pairs Cl with a reactive thing to get a precipitate say, a salt like NaCl. Catch the NaCl or products and use it for other purposes. Always figure out what is in the atmosphere before adding chemicals.

Way 3
-first do Way 1 and instead of daily, follow Way 2.

Based on facts by chemistry made simple and the Gr.11 Chemistry textbook by Nelson

CFC fridges and air conditioners
Do not have to use CFCs. Compressed CO2 is fine too. All we need is a renewable resource to compress these things. CFC I bet is more expensive than the CO2 around us. Cross out ammonia for its toxic content and the afterward mess for industries to forever clean up. Heat of compressor may be used for others such as boiling water, cleaning tough stains. Steam do clean stains very well.

Using thermal-electric to make cold is fine too. Thermal: anything that takes in surrounding heat (can be made from any excess energy used).
Heat like to go up. You can design something that fan out the rising heat to make the house cooler. Remember to have as less impact on the environment and still make money.

A partial absorber of heat can absorb heat from the room.

Other idea: fans fan out the heat and the heat is transferred out of the room into the outside. Once the heat inside the cooler is cool enough, the air is released. There may be coolers like dry ice and vacuum to maintain that cool temperature with air filter as a bonus. That is my prediction of the future freezer / air conditioner.

Ground Ozone
Could use for ozone therapy and decompose it for other industrial purposes. Ozone may also used to remove odours. Research ozone therapy on google and odours is from chemistry made simple. Ozone of ground may be also used as cleaning for sewage systems.

Hovercraft and Transportation
Future transportation is probably the subway, the highway trains. They have no traffic and takes only 5 minutes to travel. Rich people probably have cars that are like hovercrafts and extremely rich will probably buy and drive old cars.

With hovercraft like cars, the use of asphalt will decrease and plus there is a faster and more flexible driving. Asphalt decrease will reduce CO2 used to make it and the asphalt related diseases or so claims.
For hovercraft like cars makers:
A model of the hovercraft is made the air hogs company as a toy. It can jump and hover.

Some tips to hovercrafts
1. propel air back to go forward
2. proel air below to hover a slight above
3. propel air back and slight above to hover above
4. use electricity for propellers; electricity made by chemical compounds
5. knowledge of jet and air currents to float using aluminum. Sorry there.

Health care
removing carbons and atmosphere pollutants get us better health and less doctors to prevent or heal diseases like: heart failure, oxygen wanting, eye and nose irritates, lung irritates, respiratory aliments, and asthma.
From the National Geographic of the 1987 edition
Also from National Geographic: cyanuric acid+ nitrogen oxide => nitrogen and water

Oil Economies and Alberta
It is really not hard to answer. For the most part, most of the oil company will not work as well in powering. They are able to still make lubricating oils, asphalt, and other oil containing products like clothes, wax, plastics, and shoes. For Alberta, the alternative energy source is the wind. Praire winds: larger than most. Only if we can harness its powers without destroying too much birds. See advancement in technology of Kiteship and Blackleaf's post in electromagnetic energy.

Always set a deadline (a set on the flat no change exactly obvious date) for upcoming projects and be as efficient as possible. Try to use purer quality of items instead of chemically mixed. If use chemically mixed, make sure least amount of items get mixed with environment / atmosphere.

Set realistic ideas. For example, if it takes 1 week to do something normal, give them 2 weeks to do an average item and a month to create something hard. You might want to check the facts and how people do it before setting the deadline time.
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G8 Summit
I know the leaders do not want to go first in green saying. They are sometimes afraid to let people know because they want to support a country or is afraid. Solution: Every country type a point form of the plan of the environment. Each report should be about 1 page. Do not put country name or who did the plan. Fold the paper and put it in a large box. Shake the box. Randomly draw out a piece of paper and discuss if agree or disagree and the reasons. Do it with the second randomly draw report. Repeat until all of the reports are read and discussed. At the very end, come up with a conclusion and a passing degree. All reasons are based on nanotechnology of the bulk portion. Bring experts if you like. Not the IUPACs or the CA or any of the most huge of the science or individual community, but the technologists at the businessworld. They are really great. The individuals with only one are large and grand.

If you are having trouble with coming up of a green plan, think about the surroundings, economics, go into data rooms for certain areas and visit the places where environment is most hard hit and come up with a combined plan based on your country's wealth.

Do not over do the price for tax thing. It would be better to set a law that says: all products must not exceed certain emissions. If exceed, then tell the company to clean it up and let them pay money if they killed, or hurt someone. To prove it true, simply take the amount of time the person spent with the toxins that cause their death and the amount that affected them by forsenic science or simple tricks: I'll get some of the tricks that do not require 1 year soon. Also set law that every company must have meter set(s) measuring toxings or someone to measure the toxins (excess amount above earth's normal capacity). The reverse is just your guess of punishments. To pour down the drain, always give reverse of the toxins to make some harmless thing. If you cannot, follow the first post of June 20th.

Protests and Perserve
At least save one part of the ecodome such as the savannahs, costa rica's rainforest, taiga, and so on and so force. I'll get the page later about favourite and most important biomes.from the green fourm.

Protest: Do not protest at country with oil companies. Rather, build a all green company and use money earned to clean the environment in the poorer countries. You might want GE's help in making that company. That way, the country will be clean and people will have jobs. Who knows, poorer country people may only buy your products because of your dedicated contributions! If you hate oil companies, enforce laws


Use plants hydrogen and the extra oxygen from fallen ozone and plant production for fuel cells!
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two compostings!

some more global warming site help! The money is probably based on how much you get for one month!

Sierra Club got some too!
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When talking about trash become trash talks
There is some buzz about how to deal with the trash system. It is really, really simple. There should be no change in how people through out the trash or what bin they throw it in. As long as the trucks of waste management deport the trash into factories that can recycle items out of it, it should be fine. This idea is originally done in Italy. Below is an example:
Items that make oxides should be done in similar process of boiling as in hydrocarbon burning--no oxygen or reactive chemicals.

Unrecyclable items should be biodegradable. This includes one time use cups, and items like pads, tampoons, food wraps, e.t.c. I see no help by organizing trash into pretty bags of city symbols.

Uranium and its storage
Seal uranium in tight rooms that prevent gases and any other liquids or solids coming in. Uranium after waste should be put in water and sealed in such rooms. These rooms should be in underground away from earth change or somewhere in the water. Uranium oxides are not great. Perform usage of uranium in situations like vacuums. The space required to store these uranium will probably be the worst problem. The long decay time is also a problem. Use elements with short decay time.

Fourtanetly, the detrium water can be electrolyzed. Electricity seperates the water to hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. The hydrogen gas contain some forms of detrium. Detrium can be extracted to get use for reaction of the nuclear powerplants. Detrium can be used for many things such as doctors and such. Hydrogen and oxygen gas can be used for fuel cells.

There are also new ways of making nuclear sources so it is okay.

All the power... So confusing!@#$@^%^&*^@!!
I think the best power in the developing moment is the hydrogen fuel cell. There is a fuel cell that converts CO2 to CO3 and still get energy. It is the perfect one with least amount of toxin and least amount of space needed (comparing to uranium usage and storage). Its maximum power is 500 mgw by molten fuel cells. Armies also use this source of power. Efficiency with the heat is 85%. The price of the fuel cell is fair. I think it may be hydrogen fuel cell as the main source followed by whatever source that is avaliable: panama canal electricity, water wheels, solar power, heat, anything you name it that is convient to the people. Although some new sources of energy tools may be better than fuel cells. I think that tool is converting waste products into energy without combustion.

There may also be a craze of hydrogen fuel cell and nuclear reactions (combined) for extremely rich or fairly rich countries. It is recyclable of 95% of original.
(from wikipedia)

Development and Poor Countries
Give poor countries the chance to buy environmental friendly stuff by advertising the companies and help other countries to make alternative electricity by introducing engineers like the nurses who do volunteer work with few pay to save lives from unfourtunate countries.

Toxic Paints and Assesories
Paints that are toxic. If it is toxic, then why do we use it? Shouldn't we wear a mask? Also, if it is mildly toxic, small yet affectable, the best way is to develope a chambre of the sewage system especially for paints and other toxics and then reuse them (clean them first). Can also use water from hydrogen fuel cells to make water base paint into water. You might want to also reconvert the chemical into desired products and sell those products to world wide. Remember: least impact on environment and make money.

I've updated a few of the posts in this page of new things. Sorry about the slow posting. I had three complex and confusing exam to study. It was a bummer.
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Alas! A quicker way to pass the bills! A definiton on set!

Passing quicker bills by providing facts, evidence and surveys to support reasons. The reason that covers the most and answer most of the question to the best satisfactory of the people and the people of parliament wins. Voting once in the commons with no unaffective votes if unaffective votes are valid, then state how to vote as clear as to Grade one kids. Twice to let the people vote and ask questions. Once all people's questions are covered, the people can vote. If it is passed with percentage like 62%-80%, it is a pass, if it is a 51%, the bill must be readressed until it reach the nearby percentage.

It would not change anything but how to do things faster and better. The senate, the old system still stays.

Powercords/personal power choosing
What to choose in power selection: The cheapest and greenest company.
For future: government have an extensive power cord that supply and charges all electricity using renewable energy. During summer or weather premitted performance, private home owners/landlords/people who rents appartments can use other and small renewable resources.
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Good stuff typingrandomstuff.....hey...shorten yer name willya..

I've talked about the process of how change is needed to occur and assume that enough people interested sufficiently to look into the ways of making a difference would do that....

But sometimes you have to whack the mule in the head with a 2X4 to get his attention before you can give him directions....

Within the existing frameworks of urban and provincial goverment...ie. we don't need or want "more government"...we have more than we need now...mechanisms exist whereby the tide on waste-as-normal-among urban dweller's ...can be addressed. They've been there a long time. What sometimes happens with (all to frequently in my opinion..) municipalities and their governing bodies...councils and Boards of Control...Civic Planning Committees..et al. listen to first are the demands made by people with their pocket books out or on their way out.... My constituents want jobs if we legislate that manufacturers will pay for the over-packaging and the newspaper companies will pay for getting rid of their newsprint and the costs of recycling products is returned to the manufacturer...the industry responsible...the wealthy owners and legal hounds "protecting" investments and of course providing jobs to the community will simply close shop and move elsewhere....

Better it seems to live in a barren wasteland without water and without food somewhere else...

Doesn't sound like insight or vision to me...
In a barren wasteland without water and without food. Sure. Try living in that condition for one day. In famine and in places without water. Maybe you will break the guiness world record for not eating and not drinking and the most filthy person alive. I'm not going to do the system because it is completely hopeless. Government's fist is so tight. This board even got a report button. If you like to live in chaos, so be it. I have nothing against you live in hard worlds, don't drag me in.

People just move away and take on the next area and make it more awful until all parts are so awful that there is no living space? That is absurd and very prejudice. Is everyone like that? EVERYONE?

It's no vision, it is what I can do to help the world. Or the stabling earth. Or anyone who really wanted to live.

Yes, the people are overcontrolled by the governments, yet it's still possible to get something new.

When I got the degree, I'll be up there helping too. These posts are just to make sure before I got the degree, more people do something and get benefits.
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Vehicles and Future Design
1. lowering fuel consumption and greater horsepower and torque should be with fuel type as first because 2nd is so much easier to achieve. Purer grades with more into the renewable source such as the old water of fuel cell. The best side fuel is taking two chemicals and let them become the earth compounds. For example, let flourine ions become stable with another compound. After it become stable, some energy can be used. Also, include a break with electricity savings as the other bonus.
2. fun to drive and safety
The best industry of cars and vans is BMW. Other car industries is great too!
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Build more nuclear power stations and that will save the earth.
See new and old post threads
has more on the newer technology of radioactivity
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Gypsum, phosphogypsum, and clay slime
Gypsum may be used as plaster, wall board, sement, fertilizer, paint filler, ornamental stone. For more information, you can go to research it in google. The gypsum may also be decomposed to CaSO4 and water by electricity and may be made as statues. (Nelson Chemistry 11 : in Unit 1) Clay slime may be also used as pottery bases? I heard in a TV show that adding some water to the clay and a spinning machine help to transform into a pot.

visit below sites for phosphogypsum uses:

Scientific Community and Renewable Resources
During research in the ocean, the scientists can use buoy powers:


As the helium ballon rises, the string attached may whip around and create electricity that lets the scientists to read the current weather.

New washers in sanyo is a competitive company of whirlpool company. It do not need detergents and can save people money up to about $50 to $1000 (probably per year). ex. Aqua AWD-AQ 1. It also have some virus washers. ex. VW-VF10B, VW-SN07A, ABC-VW24, CFK-VW 50G, and RSF-VW500.

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Green? What are you talking about?-Insulation
1. Tear out the inner coating. Remember to keep a copy of the interior if you have a complex detailed house or the house inner design you cannot remember. Note: When get too close to pipe and electric system, stop. This is better done with help of an apprentenship graduate or and people who have the original blue print of the building.

2. Take the toxic substance into a storage box

when stored: let living organisms who make those substance to live and then kill with O3 or convert toxic chemicals into less harmful and use the less harmful products in industries. These products includes desired and extra products.

3. Cut the brick stones to half: recycle the bricks for other buildings. For complex exteriors, take out the interiors and support steadily of the fragil exterior details. For example, take the inners out and support the exterior with a wood-like material.

4. Replace everything in it with rammed earth (heat, solid, breathing and sound barrier functions) and a more breathable compound such as straw. Both should be held together by a wire similar to a notebook's spirals (diagrams due this August) Thickness should be the same as olden walls. Rammed earth should be not topsoil and not too deep within the earth's core. Topsoil have many small organisms that may eat the earth. If you use topsoil, the organisms will eat it away and make it loose and not strong. Donate or haggle the top soil with the farmer. Rammed earth close to earth's core have higher radioactivity. It must be somewhere in the middle.

5. Put a layer of plaster over it and followed by concrete and extra details you saved from the old inner blueprint. DONE!

Green? What are you talking about?-Historic Monuments
Search garden tips from the royal botanic garden of Ontario and shade coverage by the Hearst Castle in San Simeon

If all stone: no change
If concrete: follow above post instructions

Power: hydrogen fuel cell (cover with vines and trees)

How the cell will work:
1. Take only water in using zeeweed membrane
2. Split water by turning the cranks by hand. The seperation should give some electricity
3. Water then combine; part of the energy boil the water to make steam so that it can spin the crank to let more water split
4. Let water raise out of a hole and do not cover water releasing hole.
sewage follow government or let waste water to
1. chambre of paint
2. chambre of chemicals
3. clean using Oxygen and Flourine
4. softening using phosphate, soda-lime, e.t.c
during the process, may add hydro-electric power once a water fall from high to low part.

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more about thermoelectric fridge

Thermoelectric fridge use electricity to control how much heat is absorbed or released. The heat absorbed side may release some heat so that some of the heat powers the fridge. Comparing to the compressing power wasted and the heat energy wasted, CFC fridges is going to be more expensive. The opposite side of the fridge of heat is the cold one. The fridge can be below -4 degree celcius when then hot side is 20 degree celcius. If you want a long term discount, Thermoelectric is great. I'll search the links to compressors of wasting energy soon.


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Why renewable?
Aside from the efficient ways and all, renewable resources do only need once in buying. For example, if you buy a solar grid or a wind turbine, you can get the rest of the energy for free. After buying the machine that runs the oil or coal, you would have to keep on searching for oil or coal, which is costly.

Plus there is the health problem. You can go to any place to find out about the health hazards.

I know there is this passion for buying cheaper things and when you get rich, you buy the higher quality ones. Why not invest your money to buy the higher quality ones only and save the money? It's like buying a favourite and expenive car because it have some stand out thing.
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Bioxo and Mirel! A process step toward green!
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For an update in nitrogen news, read:
Acssymposium Series #623: Nitration:Recent Labratory and Industrial Developement

::capture all NO and ground ozone and react them::

::NO2 and NO3 for legume plants::

::when the Ns are formed, quickly to make nitrogen gas and sell the gas for letting tires go bold and other industrial uses::

|| Dealing with N2O3 in excess ||
conversion of N2O3

::HNO3 (neutralization and industrial use) and ammonia (perferably let plants take care of the ammonia)::

Plants are always important and always remember to plant them! Just in case the oxygen do not work as well in industrial, plants of biology helps to make the O2s we need!
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Panama Canal Powers
During the uneven of the water levels, special canals are made. The different elevations are surrounded by cages and a pipe fills the certain area with water. When that is done, the boat flows through the first area. The next area is filled with water and the boat go to that next area. The next next area is then filled with water from the first area and the boat go to that next next area. This continues until the boat reach the higher elevation of water.

As the water fills the certain area, the water rushes out. The rushing out motion may be equipped with rotars. The rotars spins to make electricty. As the water is drained, there can be another rotar that spins to make electricity. Using this electricity, the canal can make extra electricity for the cities. Rideau canal can be changed to use that power.

The name of being clean, and the real clean world
There have been talks about another credit that says the machine do not pollute while the machine pollutes. What do you want? Is it a name or a real clean world? It doesn't matter how much the other credit you buy. If you do not help the environment, there will be fewer place to live. Not to mention the credits waste money. Ban those credits because it not only do not help, but also let more people pollute and shorten our lifespans.
S + O 2 ==> SO 2

SO2 (from used watches or products made of quartz) + O2 ==> SO3

SO3 + H2O ==> H2SO4 (or sulfuric acid)



Both H2SO4 and H2S2O7 take water out of substances.

From the internet on sulfuric acid use. You can convert the sulfuric acid using double displacement reactions.

Read: Sulfuric Acid Today for more info.

(based on info from: http://mooni.fccj.org/~ethall/h2so4/h2so4.htm )


Foundation of houses

Happy Day!
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Should choose one set of combination of grades or purer grades. May use chemicals to convert the not so purer grades to purer grades. The converted items can be used for other industrial products. Best choice is to be all powered by electricity and electricity made by renewable resources. Like the other vehicles, the electricity generated must equal to the hydrocarbon power.

Building Reformation
To let the old building to be green, first let the people temporary live in a green building. Then rebuild the old building so it will be green, however, its appearence do not let the people figure out it is green. How to build the modern house is coming up. If you cannot wait, contact with the engineers and builders and start today!
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Got some special and ordinary tips on cleaning using ordinary food and items. Saves money and the environment!

Coming Soon: House Building for new house builders.
House Building for New Home Owners
Before setting the blueprint, read the following for a way of building green in a way that still satisfy the community.

Shape and Style
The best shape is a semi-sphere or dome-like as it conserve heat and use less material. Semi-sphere / arch like is also very stable. With that shape, it is likely to build buildings taller than ever. In the summer, the best shapes are cyclinders.

A wire outline. Grow trees and vines. The vines and trees should grow on the outline to make wall and insulation. Remember to trim places for windows and doors.

Flat surfaces/woods with not enough spaces to for jungle house:
A dome-shaped camp of the city instruction.

Winter in extreme cold environments:
Igloos and Ice hotels.

Caves or stone slabs / mud and bricks.

Floating water vehicle houses by special docks that let the tip of the boat be hold.

You can design your own shape as long as they have a repetition of triangle structure. To get the exact effectiveness of the shapes, please just sub into the rough formulas of shapes. You can get those in Dr.Math's fourm.

Use the energy beside the location as in solar for sunny areas, and wind for windy areas. Also use all the spaces. Some empty grid may be used as places for garden while a steppe's side may be like a sloping sidewalk with interesting plants or decorations. Recommend plants.

Walls and Pipes
1. use metal wires to contruct an outline of the house
2. Attach the nessisary pipes / electric systems by mounting to the metal wires
3. Use rammed earth of different types to fill around uneven elevation so that the area with the rammed earth and pipe is like a flat plane.
4. Once the plane surface of the wall is reached, use another renewable resource such as straw and steel for insulation.
5. In the inside, paint a layer of gypsum or plaster follow by a concrete layer and the interior design; your style!
6. On the outside, fill with half the width of the original bricks. Now, the house walls are completed.
Remember to leave slot rooms for floors!

Outer walls are best in earth, and mud related products such as bricks.

From the bottom to the top suggested floors:
concrete, sound absorb board (optional), connection, stainless steel, and the floor covering of your choice.

Let floors be build in the slot rooms and strengthen the layer with steel wiring and rammed earth before.

From the bottom to the top suggested foundation:
concrete, oil in a vacuum (for in case concrete do not block flood water), sound absorbing board (optional), metal, wood board, and floor covering of your choice.

Condomns/ Flat roofs
*try to get green roofs (the garden type) and better efficiency.
Non-Flat roofs
*Terra cotta or related brick, and mud related materials that are very durable, common, and water proof

Windows is better double glazed with sliding doors, although other styles are great too. Triple glaze may take the light away from its proper uses. Large Building: colour changing glass. When glass changes black, use that glass to power electricity for the company. Windows without glaze is okay. It just need to be efficient in sealing and opening. Most 2-panel sliding windows are the best deal.

Replace the use of foam with solid materials such as wood and combination of metals.

Just put on whatever that is closer to earth and cheap.

Always let air breathe through the attick or excess water will create moulds and other types.

Fill all leaks.

Interlocking stones is perferred.

1. Draw blueprint and gathered all needed and calculated materials. Gather extra workers and the money to build your house.
2. Build the rough outline by wires, follow by pipes, water systems, and electric systems.
3. Set the basic foundations.
4. Build the outer walls. Do not build one side of the wall. For example, if you build a rectangle house, build the three walls instead of four.
5. Bulid the highest roof.
6. Build the floors from the top to the bottom.
7. Build the celings.
I suggest a layer of solid concrete or a layer of brick walls plus some environment friendly paint.
8. Build the inner walls.
9. Build the outer missing walls.
10. Build the doors and windows.

have many other infos on roofs and energy saving tips.
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Vehicle Tips
In the city, the fuel consumption rate is higher than the use in the highway. That may be caused by two reason:
1. is the torque. Smooth torque need less energy. Low Torque need more energy. Some Torques may seem high, however, they use energy to make it high. Those torques are not very great.
2. is city have more traffic lights. The average vehicle need to stop more. Once they stop, the half burn oil is not used. And then they need to step on the gas pedal, which need to use more oil.
3. is the extra features like sound and equipment.

The suggestion for 1 is to:
*Take light material
*Take more smooth materials to reduce friction and put special friction places to stop. This friction places is based on the builders' skills.
*Let the vehicle to react more quickly to the command of the pedal by taking less turns and do things directly instead of traditionally.

The suggestion for 2 is to:
Once the brakes are stepped, the semi-burned oil do not power the van and is stored. A hybrid system and the burning oil is seperated from the power cord. The semi-burned oil is burned to reduce CO. The converted energy is then stored. As the brakes are stepped, the car will glide a little forward or none at all. This gliding motion may be convereted to electric energy. This is done through a process called hybrid. Once the driver take on the gas pedal again, the converted energy is used. Thus reducing the need of catalyst and reduce fuel consumption by at least 20% (estimate). The half burned oil (not used) is converted to useful energy.

Electric cars deliver the ultimate energy efficiency with these suggestions of course. Electric cars need a harder set of build from the American car industries and the look of beauty.

For three:
Just put a big sound absorbing block that is cheap should do the trick. Clothes abosorbs sound and so do most objects. People do not have to make pipes that go around all the time.
Power your GPS, and other equipment with electricity or hybrid electric powers.

Efficiency: high Horsepower and Torque, low fuel consumption

"Green" Plastics
There are many questions to biodegradable plastics. Many people wonder if biodegradable plastics do degrade in biological wastes. Answer: Yes. The higher cost of the biodegradable plastics let me suspect the creators first creates ordinary plastics and then changed it. This is not the green way as it wastes energy. This kind of situation is like the catalysts. Build better vehicles and get better machines and you don't need catalysts. Hint: the builder should think of another way to build biodegradable plastic or to make another product with similarites to plastics (any smooth surfaced polymer is okay). Buyers: Just buy efficient, and durable items that can be recycled or close to organics such as a paper bag or an efficient coffee machine with reusable filters.

Green Products List

New Green
Sanyo Semi-Washers (both washing with and without detergents), Tide Emergency Sticks, thermo-electric powered coolers and heaters, efficient vehicles with hybrids, efficient products, renewable products with high efficiency, electric powered items, Canadian Tire solar power generator and backup power generators,
Transition Green
Tide Cold Water, Autralian Tea Tree Oil, hybrids, Nowaday biodegradables, renewable products with high efficiency, electric products, usage of oil without the fuel,
Nowaday biodegradables, biofuels, natural gas, coal, related burning carbonic items. If you want to do the burning, must take care of excess.
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These are in addition to riding with other people such as in subways, public transport, and buddies vans and vehicles, eat locally without or with low amount of pesticides, recycle everything you can.

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Restoring the Land
If you are the one who have a lot of money and hope just to restore how the land will be before, this is the right post.

To check out how the land look like in the past, use the major saved areas plants and land profile into a data. Once gather all the data about the saved areas of plants and animals, predict the likely plants and animals at that time using general geography patterns and the data. Once predicted, plant those plants near the conservation areas. The land can be restored, and it do not bother city life. Do not suggest to over do it. This is a time of watery events. The conserved places will change. A couple of acres is good enough.
Benefits: Less sick people and more people with energy and happiness.

Law of the Ship
I read the metro newspaper. For the older ships, just tell the people to clean the extra stuff and recycle the old parts of the ships. Then encourage people to buy newer and better ships by extra taxing the people who buy older ships. To help speed things, government can get some engineers and chemists to help out the design and at the same time earn some money. In addition to the laws.

Why People hate nature and the Real Stuff
In the past, people is a really weak kind of species. The monkies make fun of us and we don't survive as the strongest. We had something the rest of animals have less: Brains. Our Brains and average force allow us to become strong. During the weak times, people hate nature because they shout for help and no help came. People during the weak times always have a motto of fight the nature. The nature really don't do much. If you survive, the nature won't kill you or try to strangle you. It's only when people get scared and start to go crazy when nature become so overwhealming and the weird talks of savagery and evil come. They need a scapegoat. But, when people are crazy, everything is awful! So I don't think it's nature's fault. As long we are strong, our battles will be won.

Equilibrium and Living Space
Well, some people question the cycle. If we eat and throw away something, the thing that is thrown away will pile up. It will not do anything and our living rooms will decrease. Without the cycle, then we probably need to trash a planet and find another one. When we have organisms or animals or high intellectual that break down the stuff we don't know how, we get more land and a healthier thing. So we can trash the planet more without damage it and live longer on that planet. So, that's why cycles are there: we can throw stuff at our planets and still able to live.

Obviously, there is a limit. There is a limit because our planet is a closed system and because every thing or one have a lifespan. When we go over that limit, watch out! The earth is starting to punish us! Please people, try to save the earth at least for one last generation. It is highly beneficial in economy and health so I don't see why you are mopping.

It is possible because I seen people saving sick animals so that people will not be affected. We can care about another person in order to survive is the key to success.

I've figure out that in order for something to be called as the perfection, negative counterequlibrium must be done. Absolute equilibrium and fairness is achieved positively through doing nothing. If nothing is done, then everything is equal. If a boy put fire on the plant, he destroys the plant. The only way to reach equilibrium and absolute fine condition is to regrow the plant by using all the ashes, the dead plant and the soil. (counterequilibrium)

When we reach counterequilibrium, that is the time that all worries will disappear and life to all will be the greatest. Support New Green!
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