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By: Author Unknown

Song of Solomon 8:6 -- Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. (NIV)

As I sit here this morning writing, I look at the shirt I've chosen to wear. It has "Renewing the Heart" on the front and has a trademark symbol next to it. I remember the day I bought it. It was at a Women of Faith conference and I couldn't leave the building without having it in my possession. The words cried out to my heart and a few dollars later, I was wearing it and proclaiming its message proudly.
It reminded of how inundated we are today with corporate logos and taglines? We can't get away from them. If I showed you a black check mark (or swoosh) and said what does it mean, many of you would know that it was a Nike logo for the tagline, Just Do It. Or, if I drew a big orange circle and colored it in, to a child it might remind them of an orange, to most adults, we may think of ING Direct, a financial corporation.
If you've ever been to a trade show, it is pretty overwhelming with the advertising that engages your eyes, theme music that enters your ears and propositions that scramble your brain. Everyone wants YOU to wear their logo, to wear their perfume, to sing their songs or to buy their product. They'll give you free tee-shirts to wear, invite you to a luxury resort to convince you that their hotel is the perfect one for your retreat or send you off humming a tune so you can tell everyone about their new st uf f!
Now, let's go to a trade show where God is the only exhibitor. As you enter this empty large room, there is no loud music blaring or a single bell or whistle to get your attention. There is no "eye candy" to tempt your senses and the room doesn't smell like anything in particular to arouse your nostrils. You ask yourself, so where are the freebies? Where is the hype and pitch that I'm so used to. Where is the denim shirt with a prominently displayed logo on the upper right hand corner? Where is the large canvas bag in which to place all of the goodies I will collect and throw away when I return home. Where is the glare of bright lights and colourful displays begging me to enter and to sit and listen to meaningless chatter from an aimless salesperson. No, this room has nothing to offer...or does it?
As you stand and look around, you see a small object in the far corner. As you draw near to it, your heart starts to pound. What could it be? Is it valuable and can I sell it on E-Bay? Maybe I can finally get something out of this waste of my time.
As you bend over to pick up the object, you see that it is a large nine-inch nail covered in blood. And, the words "It is Finished" are engraved on its edge. You then realize that the logo on the clothes we wear or the tagline we use doesn't mean a thing. It's the simple and loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ that means everything.
So, instead of clothing ourselves with logo wear or slogans, clothe yourself with righteousness that is given to us to wear by our heavenly Father. And, once you have this, wear it proudly and boldly. And, instead of wearing a swoosh that says just do it, let your life be an example that He Did It!

Reminds me of the satirical article in theOnion a few years ago that said Bill Gates had registered a trademark on 0's and 1's and thus no one was allowed to use them without his consent.
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Reminds me of the satirical article in theOnion a few years ago that said Bill Gates had registered a trademark on 0's and 1's and thus no one was allowed to use them without his consent.

Good one. To be honest, I am one consumer that finds it mildly annoying that so many brands insist on putting logos on their clothing products. I make great effort to avoid buying, for example, t-shirts that advertise anything. I find it a bit much to offer free advertising after paying what is often an over-inflated price for the "honour". In fact, I daresay that often the price is reflective not so much as to the quality of the article of clothing as it is the logo.

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