Kyoto Protocol

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I have some links if anybody is interested.
long link
even longer link
Sorry. Not interested. And nobody else is either.

You don't speak for the the rest of us don't include us in your obvious agenda
Hard-Luck Henry
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggie

Sorry. Not interested.


You don't say, Biggie. Seriously, though; you don't need to waste your valuable time sharing your views with us, we already know what you're going to say. Just send a blank post and Rick's pet monkey can fill in the comments on your behalf.
Reverend Blair
Isn't it funny how trolls are afraid of information?
Biggie is an idiot. People like him think that global warming is junk science but we all came from Adam and Eve. Biggie, speak for yourself, because I dont want anyone like you speaking for me. Why are you not interested in Revs links? Are you afraid you might learn something?
I read an article that said if the whole world stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow it still would not do anything to stop global warming for another 50 years.Kyoto is going to do nothing for us its to weak.I suppose you have to start some where.We need tougher measures though
Reverend Blair
Kyoto was only ever meant to be the first step, the thing to get the ball rolling. Even at that it is flawed, largely because of concessions that the US demanded before they dropped out.

It is pretty much all we've got though, the only international agreement tht even attempts to govern greenhouse gasses.

The 50 year figure for an effect has been brought into question recently because several things are happening even faster than the models predicted, mrmom. That raises the question of whether we can turn things around faster or whether things have gone so far that it it will take much longer to have an effect.
Reverend Blair
Some more links:


Atmosphere Alliance

Woods Hole Center

You don't know what you'r talking about.

[1] How will this Kyoto Protocol ("KP") work when the US, China, India, some of the world's greatest and up and coming polluters, have not signed it?

[2] How will the KP decrease global warming when countries like Canada will not reach their targets? In actuality, Canada will continue to increase its pollution of carbon dioxide at a projected rate of 3%. The KP does not force Canada to stop polluting. Rather, we purchase fictitious "carbon credits" from Russia, which Russia is not using. What does that mean? Pollution continues to increase because Russia, et al, were never polluting above the threshold allowed under the KP. If it is cheaper to buy these carbon credits than to reduce pollution, then pollution continues. Simple as that.

Plus, Canada is not alone in not reaching its "targets". Even countries such as the UK, Japan, France and Germany are not projected to reach theirs either. Good job KP.

[3] The KP is the result of a few radical left wingers dictating the agenda, when they had absolutely no idea about pollution, who pollutes or how to stop it.

Lefties prefer a hard line rule to stop pollution. Will businesses go along with that? Us, China, and India said no. In Canada, we won't reach our targets. What an achievement!

Instead, ideas on the right examined how we could give businesses incentives to not pollute. If we constructed an international regime under UN auspicies which offered businesses tax credits guaranteed from their national governments at 1.5 times the value of their investment in certified pollution reducing technologies, there would be many businesses doing all they could to purchase these technologies and invest in them. Resultingly, these technologies would become more advanced and efficient. Further, business would save money by not polluting or by reducing pollution. Businesses would have to invest in these technologies in order to compete with other businesses around the world.

Revy-y, next time you wish to comment on an issue, please give us your thoughts. Do not just post some weblinks. No one was interested in that - I just told you same - whether it rubs you the wrong way or not.

The rev can talk a better talk than you tiny, whata are you attracted to the rev or something??? It sure looks that way to me. How weird is that
Sounds like we may be going to the polls sooner than later over this, as all opposition parties are unhappy about Kyoto and controlling greenhouse gas.

or here

More thoughts?

Please remain on topic.

Also, refrain from making any sexist or homphobic comments.

With Best Regards,

Reverend Blair
Biggie...thank you for demonstrating your lack of understanding of the Kyoto agreement and international politics. We are now all fully aware that you lack the intellectual wherewithal to understand even the most basic how to do up your velcro shoes.

Here's a recommendation, Biggie...get your mommy to wipe the snot off your face and then spend some time reading those links. Actually take the time to understand them.


Sounds like we may be going to the polls sooner than later over this, as all opposition parties are unhappy about Kyoto and controlling greenhouse gas.

Yup, it looks like the oil-patch dolls are going to send us to the polls all right. They've been making the noises.

I look at that as a positive thing...I think the Conservatives will lose ground on this. Canadians are by and large on board with Kyoto. They need some leadership...which Paul Martin is not giving...but they are onside. It shows up in the polls every time.

Mix that in with same sex marriage, semi-official xenophobia, and Stephen Harper's bad hair and it starts looking like we could see a bit of a shift. The Conservatives stand to lose some seats, the NDP stand to make gains. The Liberals and the BQ will remain about even with where they are now.

I'm thinking a minority where the NDP and BQ share the balance of power is fine with me.
tiny you been here before as somebody else :P
Reverend Blair
Yes he has been, Pea. The thing is that trolls aren't smart enough to remeber their own names, so they have to change them a lot.

Sorry mate.

I am still waiting for you to make any substantial comments either:

(i) on the Kyoto Protocol itself; or
(ii) in response to the points I raised.

Until you can, you are stilll just an anonymous signature posting weblinks.

Please apply constructively. I am not interested in personal attacks.

With warm regards,

Reverend Blair
Read the links, tiny.
Sad. Just sad.


Reverend Blair
Have you got anything to refute the science in the links, Tiny? If not, then you are just trolling.

Let me point it out to you expressly because you just don't seem to be getting it.


I have not denied the science. I have denounced the Kyoto Protocol.

**Biggie was being what is generally known as an idiot, so I took a paragraph out
Oh spin another yarn tiny. You come here just to go after the rev. You are from somewhere else.. bringing your grievences againist the rev here disquised as tiny. Its lame, if you have something to say than do it without taking shots at the rev.
Reverend Blair
Biggie hasn't actually said why he dislikes Kyoto. He has shown no knowledge of the accord itself, has presented no sources, and has really done nothing but come here to cause trouble.

Biggie is a troll.
You know make a good point there rev, why has biggie not really said anything about koyto in this thread??? Yes biggie lets hear them and your legitmate links.
Reverend Blair
Meantime, I have a few more links.

melting mountains

parks canada

National Geographic
The fact is that climate is warming steadily and the change is happening faster then you'd think. If anyone needs proof of that they can go walk on the ice in the Arctic, that's every year thinner. And good luck.

Another fact is that (at least in part) this change of climate is due to human activity.

Saddest fact of all is that, no matter what we do, we can never reverse the damage that we already caused, but we can and have to do everything possible to slow down the whole process, to give a chance to people and ecosystems to adapt.

The Kyoto Protocol may not be perfect solution for that problem, but I don't see anyone else doing something better and more efficient. It has encountered numerous problems, and I'm sure it was not easy to come up with a document that would be at the same time legally binding, politically acceptable and offer an efficient solution for such a huge and global problem.
Well said EternalSunshine !

One only has to see what global warming is doing to the Polar Bears in Northern Manitoba.
Reverend Blair
The polar bears have a problem, so do people living in small northern communities. We use ice roads a lot here. That's the most efficient way to get goods north. The roads are ready later and become unsafe sooner. The expense is huge because everything then has to be flown in on small planes or sent in by barge in the summer.

In places where houses were built on permafrost, they have a whole other problem...their houses are falling over as things melt and shift. In some northern communities, house moving is becoming the major industry.
Eternal is right, koyto is not perfect, but at least it is a start. You have to start somewhere. Its a begining. I have heard that the inuit do not have a name for a robin in their language, because robins are not part of their landscape. Robins now appear there. Why do people only want to do something about a real problem when its to late.
Reverend Blair
Kyoto isn't perfect. One of the things that nobody likes to talk about about is that a lot of its imperfections come from concessions that were necessary to get the US onside. Then George Bush came along and pulled out anyway.

Canada also pushed for concessions, both within and without of Kyoto, mostly demands made by the Klein government and the oil industry. Most of those demands were also met, but the Klein government is still opposing Kyoto.

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