Skinhead shot by cops at anti-racisim rally

The man who was shot by police following an altercation at an anti-racism rally in downtown Calgary on Saturday attacked the officer with a pipe, according to the body that investigates officer-involved shootings.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) said officers radioed a description of the 30-year-old man after he showed up at the rally, yelled at attendees and then fled when police approached.

A nearby officer with three recruits in his patrol car heard the description and spotted the man.

That officer, who police say has seven years experience with CPS, followed the man and pulled his cruiser in front of him.

The man produced a metal pipe and within seconds the officer drew his gun and shot him.

The officer also suffered injuries and was treated at the scene according to police.

"Men and women who are in law enforcement have a very difficult and challenging task that can be violent," said Calgary Police Chief Paul Cook, "they have to rely on their training they have to rely on split second decisions to preserve their life or to preserve the life of others."

The man remains in intensive care in hospital and is listed in critical condition.

Sherry Walford was taking photographs downtown when she saw a man approach the rally near city hall.

"All of a sudden, I see a crowd gather and this guy walks by and he starts yelling out 'white power' and then starts swearing at these guys and fingering them," she said.


Man attacked Calgary officer with pipe before being shot by police near anti-racism rally - Calgary - CBC News

wow, dead he is

well critical but yeah...dead
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wow, dead he is

well critical but yeah...dead

With luck. Call it improving the gene pool.
Terrible case of white-on-white racism.
Huh, hope the **** dies.. but the Calgary Police have been Quick Draw Mcgraw this 2015.

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