The following info could be helpful if you wish to avoid the harmful swine flu vaccination, should they try to make it compulsory here, as they already have in some other countries.

Just say 'I am happy to accept the vaccination as long as the Dr and Health Minister will sign an affidavit right now stating they will bear liability for any ill health, deterioration of health or death associated with the vaccination AND that they declare the vaccination to be perfectly safe and will have absolutely no ill effect on 100% of the population that accept the vaccination. Unless the respondents sign affidavits prepared by me for them within 72 hours of me presenting it to them, it shall be taken as their admission and agreement that
1. the vaccinations are NOT known to be 100% safe and that one must accept them under their own liability and risk and that some, possibly many may die, attain ill health or have chronic disease as a result of the vaccination
2. there may be another agenda behind forcing vaccinations upon the population and that certain parties may be aiming for genocide of the people
3. there are no laws that compels anyone from accepting any vaccination and that all are taken with the assumed/presumed agreement/acceptance/consent of the acceptor
4. there is no law that compels a forced agreement or contract
5. people at an individual level, reserve the right to accept or reject an offer to be vaccinated and parents reserve the right to accept or reject the offer to vaccinate their children.