Electric cars

Is it true that the batteries used in electric cars are reusable?
They may be recyclable. The process of making them, though, may be worse than burning fossil fuel for the atmosphere. We have the technology to build electro-magnetic engines that would power a car or truck at highway speeds without pollution and only requires a small battery to turn it over. After that the engine produces more electricity than it uses. Why do you think that we don't have such vehicles?

YouTube - Magnetic Motor Bike
One basic premise that we are all tied to is that you can't get something for nothing. A battery has to be charged. Because of losses due to friction and heat losses, the usable energy stored in a battery will always be less than the energy expended to charge the battery. People used to dream up perpetual motion machines that would supposedly run forever. One such proposal was an electric motor driving a pump to pump water up to the top of the hill. The water then ran back down the hill and drove a generator that powered the electric motor to drive the pump and so on..... In that system there is a myriad of inefficiencies and losses not unlike the electro-magnetic engines mentioned earlier. The laws of thermodynamics rule, and there is no way of escaping them.
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Is it true that the batteries used in electric cars are reusable?

You buy the car. Drive it one time.

And chuck it out.


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