Veda says that even a single particle of the food should not be wasted

Veda says that even a single particle of the food should not be wasted

Donation is very dangerous like double edged knife. Donating to undeserving persons is very big sin and not mere wastage. Today, if you see the feast of a marriage function, you will find most of the plates after feast are full of food items leftover. When you throw this food, it becomes a source for bacteria and virus, which may harm even good people in the society. Thus, the people, who have thrown the food, become sinners. The owner of feast, who gave this expensive food to them is also another sinner and will be punished by the divine law. Both doer and promoter are equally punished ( Kartha karaiyitaa chaiva... ).

Finally the married couple is also affected. Veda says that even a single particle of the food should not be wasted ( Annamna parichak****a... ). Once, in a function, the people were wasting food and the beggars on the other side were searching for the food in the leaves thrown away after the feast. One devotee asked Bhagavan Shri Satya Sai Baba like this, “O Swami! What is this! In your creation I find people throwing food on one side and people searching for the thrown food on the other side”. Bhagavan Baba replied “Those beggars were also rich in the previous birth and threw the food like these rich people. They are now born as beggars and are searching for the food thrown by them in the past”. Therefore, the minimum eligibility of the receiver of food is: not to throw even an iota of food.
Vedic mother says,

"Eat everything on your plate. People in India are starving!"
That's why I don't donate anymore. Surely there must be someone more deserving than the jerk in front of me. So I take that change and go buy a nice pint of Guinness and make sure not to waste a single drop. Plus I make it a rule, no matter how many Guinness I throw back, I never toss my cookies.

So I'm good to go ya?

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