Veda says that God alone does miracles

Veda says that God alone does miracles
This world is just imagination of God.

Miracles are done by God and not by individual soul (Jeeva). Veda says that God alone does miracles (Satyakamah…). The logic in this point is that this entire creation is just His will only. This world is just imagination of God. You can do any impossible thing in your imaginary world. You can also make somebody created by you in the imaginary world to do anything. That somebody is able to do anything due to your will only. Hence, if somebody is doing a miracle, that somebody is not doing the miracle. God, the creator of the world is doing miracle through him. The will power is the material of your imaginary world and is responsible for any action that is natural as well as supernatural. Hence, for realized souls, who see every action as the will of God only, the miracle is not a special action at all.

For realized souls, not only the actions but also the entire material of the creation is also His will only. In such case they do not distinguish matter, energy, work and miracle. Only ignorant people distinguish miracle from ordinary action that can be done by human beings. They think that the human being can do such and such work and God is not involved in it. For them only, miracle is necessary, which is the action of God separately distinguished from the action of human being. This is the reason for the realized souls not giving any importance to a miracle since they see every action and even the entire world also as the action of God only.
Veda says that God alone does miracles
This world is just imagination of God.

I disagree, Dattaswami, the world is just imagination of the Red King, as in Alice Through the Looking Glass.

In Through the Looking Glass, it is said that the story did not really happen, but the Red King dreamt it all up. Throughout the book, the Red king does nothing except nap.

Somebody says to Alice “The Red king is dreaming you. If he wakes, poof, you will disappear forever.”

Alice starts crying. “Well, you won’t make yourself a bit realer by crying.”

Then Alice realized the silliness of it all. She says ‘look I am shedding real tears. That shows that I am not just the figment of Red king’s immigration.”

“Oh yes? How do you know these are real tears?”

So it may be that we are all just the figment of imagination, participants in a dream by the Red King.
It goes both ways..... chicken or the egg..... are we just god's imagination or is god just part of our imagination?

As it currently stands, You, I and everybody else reading/responding to this are very much real and exist through basic common sense.

However, Where is the proof of God's existence? Where is he?

In our dreams, in our imagination, we can create anything we want, within our own minds..... but much of what we dream or imagine can not come into our existence, or else it wouldn't be imagination, it'd be reality. As soon as you wake up from dreaming, or as soon as you stop thinking about one thing to do another..... that what is in our minds ceases to exist, there is nothing tangible.

In that same sense, God is not tangible, the only place god does exist is in our minds and our imagination. We fill in the blanks of what we don't know by using God as a filler. But we have no proof or logical evidence proving God was involved..... we just use "Faith" in our personal belief.

Within our dreaming and what we imagine, many of those times the characters and people we have in those visions know of our existence, they interact with us, we tend to be a part of what we imagine.....

And yet.... God is seperated from us.... he does not communicate with us, he does not make his pressence known, he is physically not here.....

The only logical conclusion is that he does not exist anywhere else besides our own imaginations, that is if we so choose to allow God to be a part of our imaginations.

It is the other way around. We are not a part of God's imagination because God is all powerful and doesn't require us to be a part of his imagination in the first place...... but many humans need a god in order to explain the unexplainable in their lives...... to fill in the gaps.
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Veda says that God alone does miracles

Veda is wrong, but not for reasons you're likely to understand. There are no miracles, nobody does them, they don't happen, because god is a fictional character and therefore can't really do anything, except in fiction. There are events we don't understand, certainly, but to ascribe a supernatural cause to them and call them miracles is to surrender all hope of ever understanding them. In my not very humble opinion, that's mystic nonsense, to put it charitably. If I were putting it uncharitably, I'd say it's stupid, ignorant, irrational, and cowardly. Reality is consistent and, at least in principle, comprehensible, nature operates with rules we can discover. We may not be smart enough to discover them all or understand them all, but assuming that hypothesis to be true is responsible for all human progress in the last several centuries, it's the idea at the core of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. Evidence matters, logic matters, and you appear to be living in a world without them.

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