Privacy: Do you have it? Do you want it?

Privacy. A lot of people have different views on the subject. Some feel that if they have nothing to hide, they have no requirement for privacy. Others feel that privacy is an absolute must and that anyone invading their personal space ought to be strung up by the gonads. I take the position of the latter.

I am interested in your views on privacy. What is and isn't a violation of privacy? Who has the right to invade your privacy? And for what reasons? Are there lines that ought not and must not be crossed?

How about surveillance? Is surveillance acceptable in our society? We've all found ourselves under some form of surveillance at one time or another. Maybe it was while we were purchasing cigarettes at a convenience store, or strolling through a mall. Most of us would find this type of surveillance to be unobtrusive and legitimate. But what about surveillance of one's home? Or of one's movements? What of surveillance that is carried on with the intent of limiting one's freedom and/or enjoyment of life? What of surveillance that is conducted for purposes of fraud, harassment, or other nefarious conduct? Surely there exists a line that no person or organization is entitled to cross.

My personal view on privacy is that I am entitled to it and that I expect it. I am not eager to buy into the argument that I should be open to being invaded simply because I should have nothing to hide. My life is my own. I am under no obligation to submit to any form of tracking or monitoring. And those who choose to invade my privacy without lawful authority ought to suffer death by a thousand lashes. (I do not mean eyelashes)

And those who choose to invade my privacy without lawful authority ought to suffer death by a thousand lashes.

I prefer they be flogged or spanked.

Privacy is big on my list. An issue of privacy that will become even more important in the future is the relationship between genetics-related health and the insurance business. If someone is born with a genetic structure prone to certain life threatening/shortening conditions and the insurance companies are aware of it..not good.
Don't care all that much but what Kreskin says about the potential for discrimination at the insurance bureaus and anywhere else where some "data" can be used for something other than your advantage is a valid concern.

I'll be gone soon so it doesn't matter all that much to me.
What do you mean you will be gone soon?
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