Thousands protest auto industry job losses

CBC News
About 30,000 people attended a labour rally Sunday in Windsor, Ont., to protest against what the CAW says is a crisis in Ontario cities that rely on the auto sector.


The mighty Canadian Auto Workers are starting to fall like a house of cards.

This is the time when they are thinking if it was such a good idea to break away from the United Auto Workers.

Free Trade Agreement killed the security of the auto jobs.

The CAW had their protections with the big three, which are American based.

A Canadian company could not open up a car plant for ordinary cars because if they did the big three were going to shut their plant and go back south of the border.

The CAW didnít care when the textile industry closed down, didnít care when the shoe industry started shutting down.

Now that the plants will be closing down because of a car company was sold then all of a sudden they care about manufacturing jobs.

The autoworkers that drive foreign made cars, the same autoworkers that go to big box stores to by all those foreign made and in most cases cheaply made goods.

I say simply that you are all hypocrites.
I see nothing wrong with buying a foreign car if it is a much better car. Anyway what is a Canadian car?
It's about time we unionized Canadian workers stand together and insist we all buy Canadian made products. We want to protect all of the jobs here not just the auto sector jobs. I was annoyed when I read a label on a line of women's clothing that said designed in Canada made in China. Yes domestic made products are more expensive but the workers here earn more. If we buy Canadian made products taxes stay here both the income taxes paid by the employees and the sales taxes when they spend their wages. Once all the jobs are gone none of us will be able to afford to go to Tim's for a coffee.

How about reducing the green house gases? How much do the transport trucks that deliver the raw materials to the ports and bring back the finished products pollute?

If we want to continue to import inferior or poisoned products from China, then our government should be imposing a large duty on the products. How much did the pet owners save by buying food made with imported wheat glutin?