Has anyone had any success connecting PTT services between Bell's 10-4 service and Telus Mobility's Push-To-Talk service (not the Mike iDen service)?

Speaking to people at Bell, Telus, and a few private stores, I was told that their has been some "limited" success in cross-connecting, but it would not work (all the time).

Funny, since Bell and Telus both use CDMA technology, and because of this, they have an agreement to share towers across the country so they don't have to build expensive towers in the competitor's backyard everywhere they want service, that it would be easy to allow a cross-connect.

Problem : I've been with Telus since the start of Clearnet. I'm happy. My existing contract expires near the end of the year, and I have a dilemna... I want PTT technology. All my friends from work use Rogers (yuck). All my neighbours use Bell's 10-4. Our work just got 10-4 phones (voice disabled).

SO.... Do I get a Telus PTT and hope to God it connects all the time? Switch to Bell (regarded as the Devil's cousin), or just stay with cells?

I spoke to Bell, and since my parents live in the Maritimes (Aliant), I was hoping they could get Aliant 10-4s. Unfortunately, while Bell 10-4s will work there, Aliant (not clear on this) either do not have these phones, but was told their technology is not compatible with Bell, and I could not cross-connect (WTF?).

Has anyone got a Telus PTT and successfully cross-connected to Bell 10-4 or vice-versa?