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December 20, 2005

CRTC extends benefits of number portability to wireless
consumers on a timely basis

Canadian consumers to keep telephone numbers when
changing wireless service providers

OTTAWA-GATINEAU — The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today issued a decision requiring all Canadian wireless telephone companies to implement wireless number portability (WNP) by March 14, 2007, in most of Canada. Today's decision follows a public notice issued on September 16, 2005, in which the Commission invited comments on several issues related to the implementation of WNP.

“This decision establishes the earliest feasible date for wireless number portability consistent with a smooth and reliable transition for wireless customers,” says Charles Dalfen, Chairman of the CRTC. “Consumers should be given the widest possible choice of service providers and should be able to switch telephone companies without unwarranted cost or inconvenience.”

By March 14, 2007 Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and the mobility division of TELUS Communications Inc. will be required to provide WNP to their customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Québec. This means that customers in any of these provinces will be able to switch to any service provider in that province (wireline or wireless) and keep their phone number.

Throughout Canada, all wireless carriers will, by the same date, be required to release a phone number to another carrier (port-out customers) and by no later than September 12, 2007, to accept a phone number from another carrier (port-in customers).