Was told last week that before my extended X-mas vacation can start, I'll need to take a trip to one of our offices in southern Ontario (I'm in Saskatoon). I wasn't too happy, to say the least.

What irks me is that in a few days my holidays will be starting and, with my luck, on my trip back home I'll get stranded at the airport in a snow storm.

Anyway, because of this, my wife thought it would be a good idea to have a cell phone in case of an emergency or a delay. I've been fighting mobile phones tooth and nail (owning one, that is). I just hate them. But, last week I finally broke down and bought one.

I wanted one for just emergency use... not for day-to-day calls. I hate talking on the phone, so this mobile phone will rarely get used. So I decided on the pay-as-you-go kind of plan. I decided on Virgin Mobile. So far, they seem to be a very good service provider.

I found out that J.D. Power ranks them as number one in the pay-as-you-go mobile phone category, and I have to say you get a lot of free features that actually may be useful to me later on.

I discuss it a little bit more on my blog .

I did some research on other providers in the area, but Virgin Mobile really seemed to fit my purposes well. They seem to be marketing to the younger crowd, but I don't mind.

I just thought I'd share because I don't see many posts on this forum about them.