German football hooligans attack England fans

England fans attacked by hooligans

By Sean O’Neill

Hostility off the pitch erupted in violence last night as riot police shielded English supporters after an attempted ambush by drunken German mob.

GERMAN riot police charged crowds of football supporters in the centre of Cologne last night at the end of England’s match against Sweden.

Police with batons drawn moved in to thwart what appeared to be an attempt by German football hooligans to attack English fans in the central Café Alter Markt.

Officers surrounded one bar where German fans were drinking and formed a human barricade between the Germans and English.

There had been tensions throughout the day between groups of supporters, many of whom had been drinking all day. Tens of thousands of Germans took to the streets to celebrate their team’s earlier 3-0 victory over Ecuador. An estimated 60,000 England supporters were in the city and many without tickets watched England’s match in clubs and on outdoor screens.

The trouble began at the Altstadt Pub where a large crowd of young Germans had gathered. At the final whistle in England’s match the German supporters made an attempt to rush English people drinking on the opposite side of the square.

The white-helmeted police officers made several baton charges to clear Germans to the east side of the square and drove England supporters towards the west.

Police came under a hail of bottles, chairs and other missiles as bystanders fled in panic. . . .

Looks like you have a bit of a hooliganism problem in your country, Krauty.
As opposed to the English who have no hooligans?