Robin Hood returns to TV.

Robin Hood returns to TV
3rd April 2006

Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood in the new BBC series.

The swashbuckling adventures of Robin Hood will return to British televisions this autumn in a new Saturday night series.

Filming starts today on the BBC show billed as fun, modern and intelligent and featuring newcomer Jonas Armstrong in the lead role.

The series will also star Keith Allen as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Lucy Griffiths as Marian and Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne, the Sheriff's sadistic lieutenant.

Armstrong, speaking from Budapest where the show is being filmed, said: "I think we've come up with something cool that's both modern and medieval, with a bit of street, I've even got a hoodie.

"He's a total legend, I'm privileged to play a character that is known and loved by millions." Robin's gang will star Gordon Kennedy as Little John, Sam Troughton as Robin's loyal manservant Much, Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlett, Joe Armstrong as Allan-a-Dale, and William Beck as Roy.

The story of the outlaw of Sherwood Forest and his merry men has been a television favourite over the decades.

Michael Praed starred in Robin of Sherwood in the 1980s and was later succeeded by Jason Connery, son of the James Bond star Sir Sean Connery.

In the 1950s the popular Adventures of Robin Hood ran for five years with actor Richard Greene in the lead role.

On the big screen, Robin Hood has been played down the years by a host of stars, including Kevin Costner, Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks.

Peter Fincham, controller of BBC one said: "Jonas looks the business as our new Saturday night hero, Robin Hood.

"This exciting drama will be a unique blend of exhilarating action adventure, wit and romance - something for all the family on BBC One."
nice to see a non-american playing the's really insulting when they do that, take away our history and put a clearly african-american in as a turk.

ohhhh...but it's ok to insult the English....thats perfectly fine
Americans, or Canadians, have no sense of history.

If an American played Robin Hood, he would say to the Sheriff of Nottingham: "Yo, dude! I'm gonna kick yo ass, boy!"
C'mon guys! Costner wasn't all that bad in the role

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