new electric six album

have you heard the new electric six album yet?

Yes I have, I listen to it while I breast feed charlie when I am dining out :P
I like them.
ha ha!!!! while you breast feed charlie. my god pea, when are you going to wean that man???

i can't stop laughing at the site of you breast feeding charlie, my god the poor child would suffocate. enough said. ha
Rick van Opbergen
Who's Charlie? Have you delivered a baby without telling us, Big P.? :P Or is it Big Mom? :P
For god sakes know orgami know the paper one.

As for you galaniomama...well all I can say to your remark is that Mine are still PERKY...and yours are ehm...well...hey whats that dragging on the ground :P
Rick van Opbergen
Had to check Peapod :P
uh huh...I knew you would ricky What happened to fubbleskag? Must be in a bridge tournament
pea, now let's not make this too personal......of course your's are 'perky'. they are just as 'perky' as you are honey!!!!

when you dress 'free for all' as i have for many years, of course they are bound to be much more 'loose' than 'perky'.
What are you doing here????? its friday, and being the special person you are you get fridays off Are you wearing new "lipstick" hahhahahahha me and your hubby read every magazine at london drugs last night waiting for you to find the right "lips" Love you tho.
lolll you guys are so funny! I wish I lived in Victoria and could just spend a day with you two. :P

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