Roger and Yahoo! Class Action Law Action Available

After contacting Rogers with some personal webspace questions I noticed a challange and potentially a corporate values conflict with the new Rogers Yahoo! partnership.

1) Rogers web space will now be hosted by Yahoo!, Yahoo! will use the recently acquired (i believe) Goecities services.

2) Rogers end user agreement forbids personal web space being used for commercial purposes (they want to sell the business solutions for this).

3) Rogers will not police the personal websites, but will respond to complaints.

4) Rogers Yahoo! web space in using Geocities will be Ad Supported. If you have even been to a Geocities site you have seen the pop-ups and Ad Columns that are added to the website content.

So here is the values conflict and the potential for legal minds to raise a class action law suit. Rogers forbids you to use your web space for commercial reasons, but they will use your content for their own commercial partnerships reasons.

So Rogers is not allowing you to make money off your content on a paid service by they want to make money off a paid serivice you subscribe to.

How ethical is that?
It's absolutely disgusting.

I was quite surprised that Sympatico would partner with MSN right after they developed their own content site... and I guess it's Rogers` answer to Sympatico's move.

It's unethical in the way you're referring to, and you should make some heavy duty complaints to Rogers and other boards like this around the Internet.

*Shudders* Rogers Yahoo! Geocities The three of them together -- I don't want to see the results.

(Welcome to the Forums Dan )
Wow. That's not right.
I too have a Rogers Yahoo account. I deleted my webspace because it contained my full email address in the URL. Subsequently I started receiving tons of spam, where I had next to nothing before.

Thanks for this forum.

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