850 Complaints Filed in One Day with the Quebec Language Police

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850 Complaints!!! It looks like some folks have nothing better to do with their time. Not to mention the $$$ that is wasted down the tubes paying for these employees and with no financial gain whatsoever. On the contrary, lots of potential investment may be driven away.

French language activists find 850 violations in Montreal | CTV Montreal

If I were running a business targeted by the language police, I would register an English only name for my store, and put the name on a sign with huge lettering. I would also advertise all over town with my English only name. Registered trademarks are perfectly legal, and are off limits to the language cops.

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make that 851. I want to complain too. Every second person in Montreal speaks Jamaican and I can't understand a ****ing word they say mon.
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Give 'em so much workload they implode

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