Exposing the trick of Ezra

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Ezra son of Siraeh wrote his Torah following the return of Jews to Palestine following their captivity at Babylon.
He made a trick: he left every word "God" as a blank space, then he wrote in the blank space an invisible writing using the colorless silver nitrate solution.
He told the Jews that God Himself will write that blank space, then when they saw the writing of those words, they believed him and started to sanctify him.
Some said that God wrote the Tablets for Moses, and He also wrote the blank space for Ezra .. so Ezra is preferred by God .. therefore, they started to glorify him .. at that time some said Ezra is like Moses, then others said: he is greater than Moses: for to Moses the Tablets were written .. while to Ezra the whole Torah is confirmed .. and so they went on glorifying him until they said Ezra is the son of God.


This was in the past.

This video explains about this trick

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Nobody here likes the Rebel .
This video explains this subject:


Has the video above worked or not?
This is the link of this youtube
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Nobody here likes the Rebel .

Speak for yourself. I sometimes read it for laughs after reading Tyee nuze.

If the video does not work, see it in the above link:
Exposing the trick of Ezra -

Also in the following link:
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And somehow this is relevant today is it. tricks and all
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I tried, but it does not work.
Anhow it is here:


See also even the link does not show.
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Couldn't happen to a better thread
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Couldn't happen to a better thread

Of course, you don't accept it.
Here I remember a story; although I am not sure about its authenticity:

When Abdullah son of Salam, who had been a Jew, converted in the time of Prophet Mohammed, he said:
"Messenger of God, I know Jews insist stubbornly on their falsehood; so at first ask them what I am among them!"

God's messenger asked the Jews: "What is the position of Abdullah son of Salam among you?"
They said: "He is a most respectful one among our rabbis; he is one of our masters."
He said: "He has converted and become a Muslim."

They said: "Away with him; he is foolish; he does not understand anything, and even he has no respect among us!"
Before reading the interpretation, I was much puzzled when reading or hearing the aya in the Quran 9: 30, which means:

{[Then God – be glorified – explained about some kinds of the association with God, committed by Jews and Christians, so He said:]

30. The [past] Jews said a : "Ezra is the son of God" b ,

and [most of] Christians say: "The Christ is the son of God!" That is [merely untrue] words uttered by their mouths
c ;

[in this respect] they but simulate what the disbelievers [among the pagan Arab
d ] used to say, [and that was] before [the Arab e ];

may God be against them! How they do lie!

More explanation of this Glorious Aya is in the link:
Blessed are the cheesemakers. From the lands of Gudah, Cheddar, Brie on the sea.

God is punishing you for posting Satan's lies.

Feeling the love yet, Nassir?

This is the interpretation of this great aya 9: 30

30 a In the time of Ezra.

30 b They said this, when Ezra wrote for them the Torah [The Torah of Ezra]; he left every word (God) as an empty space, then he wrote it [as an invisible writing] with the silver nitrate solution, and said to them: "God will write that space with the pen of His might, forty days later; so leave it exposed to the sun."
Then when they saw it written as Ezra had said to them, at that time they said: Ezra is the son of God, for God loved him and wrote for him in his Torah.

30 c No heavenly book told them about such a thing, neither did any apostle tell them, nor have they any evidence to it.

30 d i.e. the associaters (or idolaters) among the Arab who said: the angels are the daughters of God; therefore, Christians and ancient Jews ascribed a son to God, and the pagan Arab ascribed daughters to Him.

30 e Jews and Christians had claimed about the son of God, before did the Arab claim that the angels are the daughters of God.

While their belief about the crucifixion: Christians acquired it from Indians who followed the doctrine of Krishna that: the forgiveness of sins is attained through torturing the body; and as such do Christians say that the Christ was crucified and by his crucifixion we are forgiven our sins.

Understanding Islam: Lesson 1

Muslims Lie - It's Okay

Let us listen to the lies of Mo-HAM-Ed's father in law, Abu Bakr. A liar and a bigot.

"If I take an oath to do something, and later on I find something else better than the first one, then I do what is better and make expiation for my oath." Abu Bakr, Mohammad's father in law. (Bukhari 78:618 )

This means that breaking your word is okay. It's okay because Abu Bakr said it. Just remember to ask forgiveness from Allah. Allah doesn't mind if you're a liar. Allah (aka Satan) will make it all better! What a trustworthy guy!

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