How Bell cheats their customers through telemarketers and bu other means

I tried cancelling Bell many times as they had not given , what they had promised, I somehow managed to cancel home phone and Internet service but had to stick to Bell mobility as the cell phone comes with the contract,(I did not want a contract but they made me sign it) so in spite of disliking the phone they had sent me, I had to stick to bell mobility. This phone troubled me right from the begining but now it simply doesn't work properly, so I told them to give me phone or cancel it, if they don't then I would stop paying the bill. I faxed Bell, the fax went through but they did not respond. I had also written to SOS at global

Hi Mr. shean O'Shea,

I am in big trouble with Bell, I am sending you this mail, hoping that you can solve my problem. I switched over to Bell because the telemarketeer of Bell called me repeatedly and promised to offer very good deal, I was apprehensive about switching to bell through telephonic conversation so I asked the telemarketeer Mr. Ajay to give me everything in writing whatever he has to offer me but he said he cannot and convinced me that if I have any problem I should call him. Now when I call him he does not answer my call. I believe in paying my bills on time. For the first time I am delaying in paying my bills as I sent Bell a Fax to fix the discrepancy between the telemarketeer and Bell but I haven't yet got any reply from Bell. If Bell does not have coordination with their telemarketeers it's not my problem. Either Bell has no coordination with their telemarketeers or this is a way to trap customers. I watch you on global TV solving this kind of problem. I would appreciate very much if you kindly advice me what should I do now or how can I solve this problem. I was told that I don't have to pay internet bill for the first three months but bell sent me the bill for the first month. Hoping to hear from you soon. Please advice me if there is any other consumer forum where I can complain against Bell.


Devi Dev

From: (personal information removed)
Subject: RE: Bell transaction summary # 4430129
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 20:00:07 -0400

I have complain against Bell, please forward this mail to the respective departments. Specially to Bell Mobility.

Complain against Bell and the Telemarketer of Bell

A whole bunch of personal information removed.

I am cursing myself for switching to Bell. The telemarketer of Bell keeps calling about; how much I would be saving and promised to give a lot of features. Most of my friends and my son told me not to switch as Bell does not have a good reputation but disregarding their advice I got carried away with what the telemarketer was promising me to offer. I had no idea that there is no coordination between the telemarketer and Bell. His name is Mr. Ajay and the Ph. No. (phone number removed) .

I noted down everything that he offered me and the amount I have to pay every month. I told him clearly after my son goes to university next year I may not be here so I would not sign any contract. He told me that only for cable TV I have to sign a contract, no contract for internet, home Ph. and cell Ph. to which I agreed. Little did I know that for cell Ph. he would get a contract signed for me. I have no idea if for home ph. and internet too he got a contract signed for me.

I would like to mention here what I was offered and finally what I got. If bell does not believe me then Bell can check all the conversations that I had with Mr. Ajay.

Home Phone- $ 19.95

Features- Caller ID, Call waiting, Voice-mail three way, Call forward, 1500 minutes free to North America (I wanted only 500, but he told me he is giving 1500 minutes)

Internet- $ 29.95 + tax would be 34.95

90 GB, first three months free.

Cable TV- $ 42.00

Three receivers with one HD receiver, 80 channels with Sony, ATN and NDTV

Cell Phone- $30.00 + tax would be $ 34.00

Features- 250 day time minutes and evenings and weekends free, 150 text messaging (Text messaging was not important for me but he offered), Caller ID is very important for me. I clearly told him I do not want to sign a contract as I am not sure if I will be here next year.

My bill would be including tax 134 $ for all the above mentioned four services per month.

I got the connection for TV, internet and home PH on 5th of September. Just for cable TV I received from Bell of $ 116, I am told itís for two months.

For Home Ph. - I have been billed $ 38.44 instead of 19.95 $

For cell Ph. itís the worst. I got the connection on 14th of September. But in 15-16 days I got a bill of $ 95.00. I asked for a particular Cell Phone but I was sent a different one, if they did not have it in stock or they could not send that cell Mr. Ajay should have told me clearly. They have sent me such a complicated cell that I canít even use it. I was automatically getting internet connection I did not know how to exit. I called Bell and informed about it. I am so frustrated with my cell that I told Bell Mobility that I want to cancel their service. Thatís when I was told that I have signed a contract and if I cancel then I will have to pay a penalty of $ 400.00. Why should I pay penalty when I clearly told that I will not sign any contractóis it my mistake if Mr. Ajay cheated me and made me sign the contract. Please check all the conversations that I had with him. This should not be a problem for Bell as he is your Telemarketer. Also Bell Mobility is saying I will get only 200 day time minutes instead of 250 minutes I was offered by Mr. Ajay and no caller ID.

I am clearly mentioning here either you give me whatever Mr. Ajay offered me without a contract or cancel your cell phone service. I will pay $ 34.00 for the one month I had your service.

I am sending this mail to and better business bureau and wherever I can launch a complain against Bell and your telemarketer. If your telemarketers promise things to your customers you should have good coordination so that your customers do not suffer like me. I am again informing you I am not going to pay my bill till my problem is solved. When I spoke to your CSR I was told I was offered a free cell Ph, why would bell offer me a free cell. How would I know that, if Mr. Ajay had told me clearly I would not switch to Bell.

Please call me on Saturday or Sunday, as I am not home on week days or after 6.30 PM on week days. Till I hear from you and my problem is solved I am not going to pay the bills. You can email me giving all the details and your decision. Please try to call or send an email as soon as possible. I would like you to clarify and send a fresh bill for all the services that I have taken from Bell. About the other services there is only discrepancy in Bill rest is ok I think. But in case of cell phone there is discrepancy both in bill and the features I was offered.

I had mentioned this to Mr. Ajay what if there is discrepancy between what he is offering and what Bell offers me later, he told me I can call him if I have any problem. Before I switched to Bell he told me any time I call him he will solve my problem and after I switched I called him several times and left several messages, he is simply not responding. I will wait till I hear from you for about a week and then I will send this to media and launch complains against Bell wherever I have to.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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They 'made' you sign a contract that you didn't want?
Great idea! Put your private information out on the net
Quote: Originally Posted by TenPenny View Post

They 'made' you sign a contract that you didn't want?

Some companies just use verbal contracts which are unfortunately binding. Simply agreeing to a deal over the phone can be enough. One of the things I learned while working for several phone/cable companies. It is because of that I chose not to have cable at all and have a pay-as-you-go phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by WLDB View Post

Some companies just use verbal contracts which are unfortunately binding. Simply agreeing to a deal over the phone can be enough. One of the things I learned while working for several phone/cable companies. It is because of that I chose not to have cable at all and have a pay-as-you-go phone.

I think you did not read my post carefully. I knew it was a verbal agreement but my point is they did not give me what I asked for and what they promised to give me. I did not want to sign any contract and I made it very clear to the telemarketer right from the beginning. If they could not give me without contract they should have told me clearly. In that case I would not switch to Bell. Because my contract period with rogers was over for more than a year and I did not want to get into any sort of contract.
I have removed the personal information from the OP. It is seriously NOT a good a good idea to post that kind of information on a FORUM, as ANYBODY can have access to it.

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