Please, look this picture.

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Ironically, you contradict yourself.

You have imagined a contradiction in addition to the numerous other contradictions you deal in.
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Many scientists believe in God.

The God thing is not a big leap into mumbo jumbo junk thinking Void Im sure everyone of us has a God/cause. Myself, well I was obviously created from the dregs in some beer bag left unattended in the corner of some ancient cave. Somehow at some point later in time my family became important in brewing and conquered the world a few months later with little or no input excepting urine of course which certainly is indicative of advancement in the material world. The invention of beer is relegated to the lower order of human achievement however such is not the case as history amply demonstrates. No advancement whatever would have occured had beer production .not been perfected early in human developement. It is no secret that Einstien, Rutherford, Velekovsky, Russell, Splinekosky and Erectorious Bonner were all avid beer drinkers and notable contributors to these days excuse for science.

When was the still invented??
Your snowblower break-down?

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