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Jazari Space structure Buildings is the best Pre Engineered Structures and steel building company in Pakistan. We specialize in commercial pre-engineered buildings and metal system construction.
Check out the Indians around Hudson Bay. They need about 30,000 of them in the 1st shipment, bring them in by boat right to the locations, if it come in by Montreal/Ottawa it will be stolen.
Just the way Canada works.
These are the 'better ones':

The ones that want them all to die a horrible death live in places like this. This is DaSleepy's place, he has no love for others.
Okay, 40,000 units and they get to keep the shipping containers and they get a bootlegged copy of E-Bay China and you ship that in, for a little extra of course.

Hover-craft or subs, which would be cheaper when 24/7 delivery is wanted? There is an ice-free lagoon on the east side of Baffin Island in the winter months
Spaceframes is Pakistani. So my reckoning is he lives on St Helens Road.
Probably gearing up for the 3M Syria will be need very soon.

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