Genocide in Darfur: Psyops Deconstruction
It is ultimately China which is the primary target

By Richard Kurdt

Global Research, July 10, 2009

In has been reported that that the African Unity that it will not cooperate with the ICC indictment of Sudan's President, Omar al-Bashir. This is a very positive development, and I would like to submit my own testimony on behalf of Sudan and its president Omar al Bashir, in a spirit of defiant resistance, and for the cause of truth. The AU leaders decided that "in view of the fact that the request to the African Union has never been acted upon that AU member states shall not cooperate pursuant to the provisions of Article 98 of the Rome Statute on the ICC...or the arrest and surrender of African indicted personalities"


Presently, we have a planet Earth straining under the extreme stress of the Pentagon's "Full Spectrum Dominance" ideology, a phenomena which we will here conceptualize in psychiatric terms. Reflecting a distinct and peculiar hyper-neurotic drive to control everything and everyone in the universe. The American Establishment and the "international community" has leveled the "genocide" charges against Sudan's president.

Accordingly, the primary preoccupation of the Pentagon is preventing other countries from becoming powerful enough to challenge the US, and the "Genocide in Darfur" campaign being directed against Omar al-Bashir's government in Sudan, and their partner China, occurs in this context. Indeed, it is ultimately China which is the primary target, and we can recall the self-righteous US operatives throwing their "genocide supporter" daggers at China prior to the Olympics. Thanks Mr. Spielberg.

The Surface Appearance Script

Here is the settled-upon manuscript for the Sudan project, in all its counterintuitive eye-popping demented absurdia. The "Genocide in Darfur" narrative goes something like this:

''The "Arab-dominated" government of Sudan, headed by the stereotypical Black African tyrant Omar al Bashir, in response to an uprising, has conducted a genocidal pogrom characterized by racist brutality; incidents of mass rapes, sexual slavery, mass killings and a whole manner of different acts of obscene human deprav