Spiders Unite

If spiders unite, they could eat us all in just 12 months

One recent entomological survey conducted in North Carolina, find out that spiders were present in 100% of the homes. They were in the bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms. Spiders are all around us. There is a chance that right now a spider is staring at you. Lurking from some dark corner of the room, four pairs of eyes are shimmering in the shadows.
Spiders usually eat insects. However, larger species often tend to snack on birds, lizards, as well as small mammals. If the existing spider population gets organized, theoretically they can eat every human on the planet Earth in just one year.
Hungry Spiders

We already mentioned what spiders tend to eat. Recent research of two European biologists revealed that they could kill and eat up to 800 million tons of prey annually! Martin Nyffeler and Klaus Birkhofer published their findings in The Science of Nature magazine, during the last year. This means that spiders consume more meat than every single human on this planet combined. Humans, according to the findings of the authors, consume almost 400 million tones of fish and meat annually.

They found that entire food which the spider population consumes in a year is more than combining the weight of all the human beings on Earth. The entire biomass of every adult human in the world is around 316.3 million ton.
Also, even when we talk about other 77 million or more tons, accounting kids’ weight too, it will still not be the same as the entire amount of food consumed by spiders annually, exceeding the humanity’s total weight.

This means that they will eat every one of us in this world, and that will not be enough for them, they will be hungry.

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