The mistake of Astronomers about Asteroids

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I put this thread here in the forum of "alternate theory" lest that anyone may object.

Tonight NASA may give live watching of their probe as it may take a sample out of an asteroid: Asteroid Bennu, which is a moderate sized asteroid.

Their mistakes lies in the following points:
They think this asteroid circle around the sun in a period of about 438 days, and that its
Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance is like this:
Earth MOID0.0032228 au (482,120 km)
Venus MOID0.194 au (29,000,000 km)
Mars MOID0.168 au (25,100,000 km)

Which indicates it is nearer to Mars than other planets, and therefore it is a satellite of Mars, and what confirms this is they think it circles around the sun in 438 days which is nearer to the year of Mars. And it goes together with Mars (being attracted to the Mars gravity) in orbiting the sun within this period of time.

And they say: "Every six years, it comes close to Earth"

So while it circles around Mars, it will come closer to Earth every six years, because sometimes when Mars is nearer to Earth, this asteroid may be in the far end of its orbit around Mars.[_The_Mistake_of_Astronomers_about_the_A[_The_Mistake_of_Astronomers_about_the_A
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The other mistake of NASA and astronomers is they think this asteroid spin around its axis, while it does not in fact, because it has no internal heat like that of the Earth, Mars and the planets beyond.
But it is an inert rock that had bee part of the planet of the Asteroids, the position of which had been between the orbit of Mars and the orbit of Jupiter.
Therefore, it has any rotation movement, it is only awkward turning from this side to that side without order, because it is not regularly spherical like the planets which have regular spinnings because they are regularly spherical and are hot having very hot centers.

This video is only to illustrate the awkward movement of the asteroid around itself, if there is any such movement; while this video is not correct in most of it, but only to demonstrate the movement.
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This asteroid will not impact the Earth, because it is within the gravity of Mars, and its orbit does not intersect with the orbit of Earth.
So it will not impact the Earth, unless God wants such a thing, and then none can object or prevent such an impact with this asteroid or any other object.

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