From current forms with the least 600 $ billion and it will rise if Trump want things how the United States should meets. It better if we got to 980 $ billion or little higher in the Army strenght up with 20,000 soldier what otherwise think about this or Trump willings the plans of armed forces going to 1,515,000 US troops in Army. Navy could have 106,000 sailors and 400,000 Marines and Air Force should going to 450,000 and finally little defense strenght of Coast Guard with 29,000 sailors and finally America going to 2,500,000 armed forces proffs I thinks this are maybe on way in Trump plans and America being that superpower many said already but already is only in economic. Others think this is not possible or this are Trump plan C going up with reserve is Trump plan B to six million????

Is 700 $ billion possible for Trump's chance with current armed forces or.

2019 is planned675$ billion in military of the United States really upcoming.

Is plan A so far.
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