A short Quran soora (or chapter)

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Soora 85 is a marvelous wonderful soora of the Quran

This is a nice recital of this blessed soora:


Here is the interpretation of this great soora, by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly

Soora 85

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

1. [I swear] by the sky [of Egypt having so many] towers!

2. And [by] the day of appointment [in the story of Moses, Pharaoh and the magicians!]

3. And [by] the witness [: the people who attended that event], and the witnessed [: the staff of Moses and the ropes of the magicians!]

4. Woe to [Pharaoh and his companions:] the makers of the ditch!

5. The kindled Fire [will be for them.]

6. When they will remain there in [chastisement till Doomsday.]

7. And they were witnesses [attending] that which [some of] them were doing to the believers.

8. They mal-treated the [Children of Israel] only because they believed in God [alone], the All-Mighty, the All-Laudable.

9. To Whom belongs the possession of the heavens and the earth; God is Witness to all things.

[By now, the story of Pharaoh with the Children of Israel came to an end; then God be glorified started to threaten the Jews who barred people from believing in Mohammed the messenger of God, when they said to them: he is a magician so do not believe him; therefore, God be glorified said:]

10. Surely, those [Jews] who seduce the believers: men and women, then they do not repent; there will be for them the chastisement of Hell [in the Next Life] and the chastisement of the Burning [on Doomsday.]

11. Surely, those who believe and do righteous [deeds]; there will be for them [in the Next Life] Gardens under [the trees of] which rivers flow; such is the great success.

More explanation:
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This is the last part of this marvelous soora

[Then God – be glorified – started to threaten the associaters and wrong-doers, and He said:]
12. Surely, the assault of your Lord [on wrong-doers] is terrible.

13. It is He [God – be glorified] Who originates [the creation from earth] and returns [bodies] back [to the earth.]

14. And is the Most Forgiving [for those who repent], the Most Loving [of those who regret and turn repentant to Him.]

15. Lord of the Throne, the All-Glorious.

16. The All-Doer of whatever He wants.

17. Have [you, Mohammed], received the story of the hosts?

[Some of such enemies were:]
18. Pharaoh and Thamood.

19. [Actually] those [associaters among the Arab] who disbelieve are with [their] denial [like the denial of the disbelievers among the past nations.]

20. And God behind them is All-Encompassing them on every side.

21. Certainly it is a glorious Quran,

22. In a Preserved Tablet [with Us, protected from any alteration and changing.]

By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 85 of the Quran is completed;
So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)

More expanation:
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This also is an excellent recitation of this blessed soora
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This also is an excellent recitation of this blessed soora


That guy has pipes for sure, he rose uP the spector of GOD very nicely, I,m not at all inclined to question a voice like that. All thats missing is guitar drums and electric organ

Where is the english translation you ignorant sand vagrant?
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Where is the english translation you ignorant sand vagrant?

The translation is in post #1 and #2

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